Graduate Courses
KA737 Engineering from biology
This course gives an overview of non-conventional mechanical approaches inspired from nature and explains how this knowledge can lead to more creativity in mechanical design and to advanced (simpler, smaller, more sustainable) solutions than with conventional technology. The course discusses theoretical and empirical issues about biological systems having smart constructions and unusual mechanisms, and presents a number of technical structures and designs of biomimetic instruments. By the end of the course students should be able to: (i) understand how engineers borrow unprecedented ideas from nature; (ii) identify new possibilities for biomimetic design; (iii) learn how to read the current bioinspiration and biomimetics literature.
KA739 Cellular and tissue biomechanics
This course is designed for graduate students who are interested in the soft biomechanics of biological phenomena. It aims to develop and apply scaling law and continuum mechanics to the building blocks of biological systems over a range of length scales. The topics dealt with in this course include: the structures of cells and tissues; the molecular basis for macroscopic properties; cell mechanics, motility and adhesion; biomembranes; biomolecular mechanics and molecular motors.

Undergraduate Courses
MEG1270 Creative engineering design
This course is designed to have the students work in a team environment to design an engineering system. It will foster creative thinking, diversified background exposure, teamwork, and communication and collaboration skills. Students will also be exposed to be held accountable for professional issues, standards, and practices not covered in other classes.
MEG2160 Dynamics I
This course is an introduction to the dynamics of rigid bodies and multibody systems. Topics include: motion of a particle; motion of a rigid body; relative motion; kinetics of translation, rotation, and plane motion; work-energy methods; impulse-momentum methods; mechanical vibration.
MEG2250 Fluid mechanics I
This course is intended to introduce fluid mechanics for undergraduate students.
MEG3077 Numerical analysis
This course is to introduce undergraduate students to numerical methods for solving mathematical problems related to engineering.