Latest News

Mar/2015 I have joined SungKyunKwan University (SKKU) in Korea as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Semiconductor Systems Engineering.
Dec/2013 CubeWorks Inc., a start-up company specialized in mm-scale sensing platform, is founded!
Nov/1/2012 I have joined the faculty of EECS dept. in University of Michigan as an Assistant Research Scientist.
Feb/7/2012 I have won a Silver Prize in Samsung Human-Tech Thesis Prize!!
Dec/14/2011 I have successfully defended! Many thanks to all those who professionally and personally supported me throughout my PhD Study!
Nov/23/2011 I have won the Best Student Poster Award for my poster presentation at Annual MuSyC Review held in UC Berkeley on Nov. 18.
Nov/22/2011 My advisor, prof. David Blaauw, was named as an IEEE Fellow, class of 2012! Congratulations David!
Oct/12/2011 My paper on 1mm3 sensor node platform is accepted for publication on 2012 International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC). I really appreciate all of those contributions and hard work of my colleagues.
Aug/15/2011 Intel Corporation has awarded me the Intel PhD Fellowship for year 2011-2012. I also had great time at Intel PhD Fellowship Forum!! Much appreciation to Intel =)  [News Article Link]

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