Yongjie Ji (季永杰)

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Self Bio
Yongjie Ji graduated from Peking University at China in 2002 with majors of atmospheric science and economics. In 2005, he obtained a M.S degree from Chinese Academy of Sciences with the major in human geography.  He came to study economics in Iowa State University in 2007 and had his Pd.D in 2013. Currently, he worked as a post-doctoral associate in center for agricultural and rural development in Iowa State University and focused on modeling US farmers' crop decision under the dynamic discrete choice framework and connections to environmental consequences. 

  • Ph.D. Economics, Iowa State University, 2007 - 2013
  • M.S. Human Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China 2005.
  • B.S. Atmospheric Science, Peking University, China 2002
  • B.A. Economics (CCER), Peking University, China 2002
Research Interests    
  • Applied Microeconometrics
  • Non-market Evaluation
  • Energy Economics
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Environmental Policy Analysis
  • Post-doctoral research associate, Center for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD), Iowa State University, Sep, 2013 - present
  • Research Associate (supervised under Prof. Jintao Xu), DECAR, World Bank DC, Oct, 2011 - Jul, 2012
  • Research Assistant in College of Environmental Sciences, Peking University, China, 2006 - 2007
  • Research Assistant in Center of Chinese Agricultural Policy, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, 2005 - 2006
         Published Papers    
    1. Modeling Recreation when Access Points are Unknown. (with Joseph herriges and Catherine L. Kling), American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2016.
    2. Post-reform Forestland Markets in China (with Jintao Xu and Juha Siikamaki) Land Economics 2015 91(2), pp. 211-234.
    3. Effective Pollution Control Policy for China. (with Jintao Xu and William F. Hyde) Journal of Productivity Analysis 2010 33:1, 47-66
    4. Environmental Policies and Firms' Technical Efficiency: Exemplified with Paper Mills. (with Jintao Xu)  Journal of Beijing Forestry University (social science) in Chinese, 2006 Vol. 5, No. 2, 78-82
         Working Papers    
    1. Modeling Recreation with Partial Trip Information (with Joseph Herriges and Catherine Kling)
    2. Carbon Tax, Wind Energy and GHG reduction: ERCOT as an example. (with James Bushnell)
    3. Empirical Analyses of Forest Tenure Choice in China. (with Jintao Xu, Klaus Deiginger and Juha Siikamaki) Manuscript
    4. Forest Tenure Reform, Economic Crisis and Rural Household Labor Re-location Decision in China. (with Jintao Xu, Klaus Deiginger and Juha Siikamaki) Manuscript.
    5. Do Large Firms with More Technologies Pay More. (with Li Yu)
    6. The Environment, Trade and Innovation with Heterogeneous Firms: A Numerical Analysis. (with Jingbo Cui)
         Other Papers    
    1. Understanding the Usage Patterns and Most Desirable Characteristics of Iowa’s Rivers and Streams. (Project Report)
         Papers in processing    
    1. Crop Choice, Climate Change and Rotational Effects: A dynamic model of land use in Iowa recent years. (Joint with Sergey Rabotyagov)
    2. Crop Choice, Rotational Effects and Water Quality Consequence in Up-Mississippi River Basin: Connecting SWAT Model with Dynamic Land Use Model. (Joint with Sergey Rabotyagov and Catherine Kling)
    3. Will the Different Data Collection Methods Lead Us to Different Conclusions?  A comparison of Recent Land Use Change in Up-Mississippi River Basin from National Resource Inventory Data and Cropland Data Layers. (Joint with Sergey Rabotyagov and Catherine Kling)  
    4. Is there any de facto attainment-nonattainment policy in China?  An analysis based on Firm Level Survey. (Joint with Jingbo Cui). 
    5. In-sample Fitting vs Out-of-sample Prediction, Should We Estimate a Constraint Model with Alternative Specific Constants? A comparison analysis based on four-years Iowan Lake Recreation Survey Data. 
    6. Will Random Sampling and Aggregation Bring Us Different Conclusions on Energy Paradox? Analysis with Synthetic Data and Observational Data on New Vehicle Purchase. (Joint with Jeon Hocheol)
         Conference Presentation
    1.  W2133 Annual Meeting at Albuquerque, NM; 2011 MEA annual meeting at St. Louis, MO. "Modeling Recreation when Access Points are Unkown"
    2. 1st AERE annual meeting at Seattle, Washington. "Modeling Recreation with Partial Trip Information"
    3. 2014 AAEA annual meeting at Minneapolis, MN. "Crop Choice, Climate Change and Rotational Effects: A dynamic model of land use in Iowa recent years" as paper presentation. "Crop Choice, Rotational Effects and Water Quality Consequence in Up-Mississippi River Basin: Connecting SWAT Model with Dynamic Land Use Model" as post
Data Visualization Work
  1. Iowa Land Value Survey County Map
  2. 2014 Iowa Lake Survey County Map
  3. Iowa Farm Bill Payment County Map