Yoga Therapy & Thai Yoga


What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy involves the same poses (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama) and relaxation and meditation techniques as any ordinary yoga class, but in Yoga Therapy we use these tools specifically for the need and abilities of the indivudal.  

 This tailor-made approach allows one to slowly develop a regular yoga and meditation practices which functions as self-support and self-maintenance tool.  As a yoga therapist I have worked with many different aliments both chronic and acute.  

 I have found great successes in yoga therapy and combined complementary therapies in treatment for cancer, fertility, children with special needs, add/adhd, low back pain, headache and neck pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, restless leg syndrome, aids/hiv, surgery recovery, unexplainable diseases, and more.  

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What is Thai Yoga Therapy?

Thai Yoga or Thai Yoga Therapy is an ancient Buddhist healing art that combines yoga positions with accu-pressure points and energy channel (meridians or nadi) opening bodywork.  Thai Yoga is like having a yoga class done to you.  As you lay on the comfortable cushioned floor, the Therapist manipulates your body into various positions and utilizes then to open up access for deeper nerve stimulation.  My two hour therapy includes a total body poultice with fresh healing herbs.  The feeling is one of incredible relaxation healing.  

Sessions are one hour, one and half hours, and two hours.

I completed my therapist's training with the famous Mama Lek in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Mama Lek is a Thai National Treasure (the plaque proudly displayed in the clinic with her and the King and Queen), and was a head of Thai Yoga Therapy at Wat Po, the largest Buddhist monastery and therapy clinic in Thailand. 


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