Knight of the Blue Communion
Peter Ivers' Band, Hux Records

Originally released in 1969. Peter Ivers composed the song In Heaven for David Lynch's Eraserhead. During his short life her made an impact as a composer, musician, screenwriter and TV presenter. This album drew comparisons with Frank Zappa and Captain Beefhart with its innovative mix of Jazz, Rock, Blues and Avant Garde music.

Havin' a Ball  
Lambert, Hendricks and Bavan, RCA Victor

Recorded Live.
Guests: Thad Jones (Cornet & Flugelhorn), Booker Ervin (Tenor Sax)

Swingin' Till the Girls Come Home
Lanbert, Hendricks and Bavan, RCA Victor

Fifteen tracks: (1) One O'Clock Jump; (2) Doodlin'; (3) Cousin Mary; (4) April in Paris; (5) Feed Me; (6) Melba's Blues; (7) Dis Hyunh; (8) Swingin' Till the Girls Come Home; (9) Gimme That Wine; (10) Watermelon Man; (11) Walkin'; (12) Cloudburst; (13) Jumpin' at the Woodside; (14) It's Sand, Man!; (15) Stops and Goes Blues. Jazz Heritage reissue of 1962/1963 recordings. Clark Terry and Coleman Hawkins are featured in tracks 9 through 12, recorded at the Newport Jazz 

At Newport '63
Lambert, Hedricks and Bavan, RCA VIctor

Recorded Live (RCA Victor)

Featuring Gildo Mahones (Piano), George Tucker (Bass), Jimmie Smith (Drums) and guest Coleman Hawkins (Tenor Sax), Clark Terry (Trumpet).

Jazz Casual
Count Basie
Lambert, Hendricks and Bavan

Basin Street East
Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan, RCA Victor

Recorded Live

Featuring Pony Poindexter (Soprano), Gildo Mahones (Piano)


Bernarda Alba
House of Flowers
Earl of Rustom
Snow White

I Sing the Body Electric
Weather Report