My Yokohama Shopping Favorites

Favorite stores and malls in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

1. Tokyu Hands (J)

(Map it) This store has everything you could possibly want and quite a bit more.  It has a great toys section to find all of those high tech gadgets that Japanese kids are playing with.  It also has lots of tools, outdoor equipment, bikes, household goods, etc., etc.   It is one of the only stores that I actually enjoy entering and browsing.

2. Muji (British Site)

(Yokohama Station Location)  (Minato Mirai Location) This store sells stylish houseware and clothing for a reasonable price.  The name of the store actually means no-brand goods.  There are no labels and all the products are cool in their simplicity.  A great store to roam in.

3. Uniqlo (US Site)

(Sakuragicho Location) (Isezaki Location) The Japanese version of the Gap.  Usually some amazing sales here.  Described on the website with "We provide high-quality, fashionable, basic casual wear at the lowest possible price. "

4. Nitori (J)

  (Jack Mall Location)    (Isogo Location)  A more inexpensive and larger alternative to Muji.  Has a great selection of household goods including furniture, kitchenware, curtains, etc.  Kind of in the Ikea mold but very inexpensive. 

5. Daiei (J)

  (Map it) Daiei is a more economical department store than most around Yokohama station.  They also usually have a grocery store on the bottom floor.  It is not a bad place to roam for reasonably priced goods.

6. Toys 'R Us

  (Map it) Similar to the US version except that there are a lot more Pokemon goods.

7. Costco

  (Map it) Same as the US version except for additional Japanese goods.  Extremely busy on weekends.

8. Yokohama Bayside Outlets (J) 

  (Map it) Outlet stores including Adidas, Nike, Coach, Levi's, etc.  Designed by the same folks who did the Baltimore Inner Harbor and other American malls near the water.  Has a decent ambience and isn't a bad place to hang out for the day. 

9. Sports Authority (J)

  (Map it) Just like the American version. 

10. Grandberry Mall (J)

  (Map it) Would be higher, but it is quite far.  Best way to go is to Machida station because it is right next it. Great Adidas outlet in addition to about 100 other stores.  Lots of restaurants near the movie theaters.  Bring your dog on Sundays to meet all the others milling around.