Yokohama Restaurants

List of favorite restaurants in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

A little dinner music?  (Come Fly With Me)


Al Ain

(Kannai,  Map it) Arab restaurant with live belly dancing performances on Friday and Saturday.  Not much on the ambience but the chef is the former chef of the Kuwaiti Embassy.  A little hard to find but located under a Family Mart convenience store.  Don't be confused though as their is another family mart just a block away.  Make sure you check the map carefully before going.  

Ali Baba

(Kannai, Map it) Small Turkish restaurant.  Not the greatest atmosphere, but the food is outstanding.


(Stadium, Map it) Sister restaurant to Olympia in Kannai, this restaurant is located on the edge of Yokohama Chinatown next to the Windjammer bar.   


Bistro Fresh (J)

(Yokohama Station East Exit, Map it) California style fresh food in a chic environment.

Bistrot Paris 

(Kannai,  Map it) You are already in a bistrot at a corner in Paris, just when you step into the restaurant. Our chef, who had been trained in first class restaurants, make authentic but relaxing taste. You will drink over in such a relaxing atmosphere and the dishes. It's a restaurant that you may want to come with your friends and stay long.

Bistro Pont Neuf

(Bashamichi,  Map it) Small French  bistro for a romantic dinner.  Located on the second floor so you have to go up the stairs, but it is worth checking out.

Casa de Fujimori (J)

(Kannai, Map it) Serves Spanish style tapas and meals.  Small restaurant with a cozy atmosphere that really makes you feel as if you are eating in small Spanish village.   Lunch special for about 1600 yen serves several different tapas along with a main dish choice of a sirloin in a pepper glaze or a seafood marisco.  Specializes in shell fish dishes but has quite a variety.

Casa di Marco (J)

(Noge, Map it) Outstanding Italian restaurant run by some Italian gentleman.  The restaurant only seats about 15 and it is usually packed.  Awards line the walls and they appear well deserved.  The sell a set course for 3500 yen that includes a salad, a carpaccio appetizer, a pasta,  a main dish, and then dessert.  Highly recommended for both  the food and the atmosphere. 

Cheese Cafe

(Yokohama Station Area, Map it) Popular Italian restaurant with a broad menu including delicious pastas and wood burning oven cooked pizza.  Very popular and may require a wait to get in.  Also, has an all you can drink course. 

Chano Ma (J) (E)

(Aka Renga 3rd Floor, Map it) Cool restaurant/bar on the top floor of Aka Renga.  The unique feature of this establishment is that half the seating is actually on beds.  It is open until 5 AM and I have often wondered what happens when people just go to sleep, does the staff wake them up??  

El Torito

(Yokohama Station Area, Map it) Located on the 28th floor of the Sky building at the East Exit of Yokohama station, this restaurant gives you an authentic American Mexican food experience.  This is the same chain as the one in America and serves American size portions. 

Elysee Hikaru

(Kannai, Map it) Elegant French restaurant with an extensive wine list.  Check out their Monday specials.


(Kannai,  Map it) Mexican restaurant offering live mariachi shows on Fridays.  Good place to grab some Mexican beers.  The food is good but may not be exactly Mexican.  


Gara Yokohama

(World Porters, 5th Floor, Map it) Beautiful restaurant located on the top floor of World Porters that serves outstanding Indian cuisine.  Different from ordinary Indian cuisine, new style Indian cuisine including Italian and Japanese elements. 【In front of you…】Top class Indian chef's grilling performances using fresh ingredients near the table very popular. ★Take memorial photo with the Indian on your birthday!

Gyu Kaku  

American Site (for an idea what the food is like), Japanese Site  

(Izezaki Mall, Map it)  My favorite chain of Yakiniku restaurants.  For the uninitiated, Yakinuki is the Japanese version of Korean BBQ.  You sit at your table and grill the small pieces of beef, pork, chicken, or vegetables that you have ordered.  When done grilling, you dip the food into the Yakinuku sauce.  No English menus that I know of but you can't go wrong if you order the kalbi.  The one on Izezaki Cho is located right next to a Jonathon's in the basement (their is often a guy outside giving away 500 yen off coupons so be sure to grab one if he is there).

Hard Rock Cafe

(Queens Square, Map it) One place that I recommend skipping.  Everything is overpriced and the food is less than average.  Stop by the gift shop on the outside instead and get your souvenir without stopping by for a forgettable meal. 


(Yokohama Station Area, Map it)The quintessentially modern Italian izakaya. Izakaya favorites, such as pizza, pasta, tori kara-age, fresh fish, seasonal vegetables, and meats, seem better and somehow more inspired than the usual versions.

Il Enotria (J)

(Yokohama Station East Exit, Map it) Hip Italian restaurant with some sophisticated food.


(Queens Square, Map it)  This Indian restaurant located in the basement of Queens Square serves an outstanding buffet for just 1000 yen.   A good stop when you are looking for some decent Indian food but don't want to spend a lot.  

Kua Aina Burgers (J)

(Aka Renga, 1st Floor, Map it)  Exactly the same as the chain in Hawaii (with the exception of the price).  As good of a burger as you will get anywhere and serves American size portions.  Inside Aka Renga, it is one of the many great choices available. 

La Stagione (J)

(Kannai, Map it) Italian restaurant close to Kannai station. 

La Tenda Rossa (J) 

(Kannai,  Map it) Easy to find due to the red awning outside (thus the name of the restaurant).  The pizza from their wood burning oven is great.  Close walk from Sakuragicho station, good start to the night.


Liana Italian Restaurant

(Kannai, Map it)  Popular Italian restaurant in the heart of Kannai always seemed to be backed.  Have a backup plan if going here due to how long the waits can be.  

Man Shabu Shabu 

(Yokohama Stadium Area, Map it)  Get the traditional Shabu Shabu (raw meat cooked by dipping it  in boiling liquid with vegetables at your table) at this restaurant in Kannai.  Japanese taste quiet atmosphere is created by wood and stone with semi-private dining rooms partitioned by stone wall or sunken kotatu seats. Authentic Shabu-shabu with Berkshire from Kagoshima is served with our special soup to quickly dip.   Sophisticated restaurant, a little difficult to find located down the stairs from street level. 


(Kannai,  Map it)  MODISH is a new concept Western food bar with an open style kitchen so you can see the chefs at work.   Located in the bottom of Roynet hotel, it is a chic place to hang out.  Often has live jazz on the weekends for a reasonable cover charge of 500 yen.

Mohan Indian

(Isezaki,  Map it) Cheerful small Indian restaurant located in a basement at the end of Isezaki cho. 

New Salathai

(Izezaki Mall, Map it) Interesting Thai Restaurant that includes an extensive Karaoke setup.   Although the interior of the restaurant is not the fanciest (it has a sort of 70's lounge atmosphere), the food is great.  The food is authentic as it gets with the wait staff and chefs actually being Thai, and the menu is about 20 pages long.  The waiter speaks English about as well as he speaks Japanese (which is not very much).   The "Raw Crap  Salad" mentioned in the picture to the left is especially good.

New Tokyo Beer Dock 

(Landmark Tower, B1 Level, Map it)Bar on the B1 level of Landmark Tower that prides itself on the freshness of its beer.  Not the coziest of atmospheres but the German style is good for a large group.


(Stadium, Map it) Norwegian food.  Across the street from the Windjammer bar. 


(Kannai, Map it) Authentic Greek food in the middle of Kannai.   

Original Joe's

(Kannai,  Map it)  Decent place to get some Japanese style Italian food.  In the heart of Kannai, good place to start off a night.

Porto Fare Italian Restaurant

(Landmark Tower, 6th floor, Map it)  Located on the 6th floor of Landmark towers, this restaurant affords some of the best views to be had of Minato Mirai.  The inside has bright and natural atmosphere in the daytime, while it is full of romantic mood surrounded by illumination in the nighttime. Carefully grown organic vegetables and fish and shellfish fresh from the market cooked in the Italian taste would definitely fulfill your heart and stomach. 

Ristorante Real (J)

(Yokohama Station East Exit, Map it)This place is worth checking out if only for the unique architecture.  Located about 10 minutes walk from Yokohama station east exit, it is worth the trek but be sure to print out the map.   

Salud (J)

(Kannai, Map it)  Spanish Restaurant located in Kannai.  Many pastas with shellfish and salami's. Seems to be where the hip crowd hangs out for drinks in Yokohama. 

Scandia (J)

 (Kannai, Map it) Restaurant famous for its quality Scandinavian food.  Great atmosphere and fun location. Two floors to this large restaurant mean that there is usually a seat available.  Definitely a check in the block for coming to Yokohama. 

Sparta Greek Restaurant

(Izezaki, Map it) Pick up some authentic Greek food at this small restaurant.  Hard to miss with the giant sign stating Greek Restaurant.

Sun Aloha (J)

 (Kannai, Map it) Hawaiian themed restaurant.  Always playing music and definitely plays up the cheesy  but fun Hawaiian kitsch.

Sura Baya Indonesian Restaurant

(World Porters, 5th Floor, Map it)  This restaurant on the 5th floor of World Porters gives you an authentic Southeast Asian experience.  The food is delicious and the atmosphere completes your experience.  Lunchtime is less expensive and very reasonable  but the best time to go is at night to get a view of the skyline of Yokohama.  Actual Indonesians working here on the wait staff really makes it authentic. 

Thong Thai Restaurant

(Yokohama Station Area, Map it) Thai cook displays his skills in the kitchen alive with Thai language. With approximately 90 menus using fresh Thai vegetables and spices twice imported weekly by air, we are very popular that "real Thai food can be enjoyed conveniently."

Tansaiboh Grill

(Yokohama Station Area, Map it) Offers a variety of different fish, vegetables, and meat that you grill at your seat.  Different from Yakiniku in that it has a more Japanese character. Worth going just to experience the atmosphere.

Tony Roma's Ribs 

(Izezaki, Map it) Exactly the same as the American chain with the exception of the price is approximately doubled.



Same story as Tony Roma's . (Yokohama Station Nishiguchi Location Map it)  (Sakuragicho Location Map it )

Tiki Tiki

(Yokohama Station Area, Map it) Exotic polynesian themed restaurant with live dancing shows.  Located in the basement of the building.

Ukkie's Spanish and Italian Restaurant

(Izezaki Cho, Map it)  Offers a nice view of the Isezaki shopping street from the second floor window.  Offers an interesting mix of Spanish tapas and Italian food.

Uzushioya Sushi Restaurant

(Yokohama Station Area, Map it) We use only fresh local fish for sashimi & sushi. Moreover, there are a big aquarium for fish, and we land a fish as your order. Kappo chef serves real dishes. Yakitori (skewered grilled chicken ) & tempura are our basic dishes. 

Vietnam Frog

(World Porters, 5th Floor, Map it) Newly opened restaurant on the 5th floor of World Porters serves a variety of Vietnamese dishes.  Great view of Landmark tower and Cosmo World.

Yakitori Denbei

(Yokohama Station Area, Map it) Skewered chicken grilled over the BINCHOTAN charcoal with excellent scent. Shining silver rice with vinegar cooked in the kitchen range.

Yokohama Curry Museum

(Izezaki Cho, Map it)  Several different curry restaurants located inside of the museum.  Interesting to go in once, but don't make a special trip here if you have limited time.   The food is decent but you would be better off hitting one of the many other curry restaurants around town.  A definite tourist trap.