Yokohama Cafes

Favorite cafes in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

Play a little cafe music while you are browsing the cafes So Nice (Summer Samba)


Non-chain Cafes

The New York Cafe

(Kannai, Map it)  Not just a cafe, but a full service restaurant.  Offers a wide array of dishes claimed to be French cuisine with a Chinese edge and Japanese flair.  Also has a cozy bar off to the side that serves the full menu from the cafe.  Can get very busy but is worth the wait.  Located in Kannai.

Borderline Cafe

(Hinodecho, Map it) A rock cafe that sells records in addition to coffee and liquor.  Decent menu and a great cafe atmosphere to listen to the eclectic mix of music they play.   Serves coffe and typical Japanese cafe fare such as curry rice and pasta.  Despite calling themselves a rock cafe, the atmosphere is decidingly pleasant and conversation is easy.


Cafe Taco Kitchen

(Kannai, Map it)  Not sure that you get real authentic tacos here, but the atmosphere is good if a little Austin Powers'ish.


Cafe Vanilla

(Stadium, Map it)  Cool cafe with great ambience near the stadium.  A little hidden away, but worth the search.


Chiki Chiki Tan Tan (J)

(Izezaki, Map it) Very comfortable cafe with light and airy decor.  The food is delicious although portions can be small.  Prices are very reasonable if you get the lunch set.  Very chic place to hang out.


Enokitei (J)

(Yamate Bluff Original, Map it)  (Yamate Bluff Rose Garden, Map it) Popular cafes on Yamate Bluff behind Motomachi street.  This area is a definite must for an afternoon walk when the weather is good.  Gets busy during the weekends but the scenery is great and if there is no wait be sure to stop in one of these cafes for a bite.

Hama Cafe (J)

(Osanbashi Pier, Map it) Popular cafe near Osanbashi pier.  Earns its popularity by being one of the most stylish/chic cafes in Yokohama.  Reasonable lunch prices.  Allows you to bring small dogs to eat with you. 

Millions Deli (J)

(Yokohama Stadium, Map it)  Serves a variety of foods in a comfortable atmosphere.   Near the stadium just down the street from Flashback Bar and Restaurant.


(Izezaki, Map it) Stylish southeast asian style cafe on Izezaki Cho where foreigners like to congregate.   Also has a full bar

Other cafe next to Nabanya

Izezaki, Map it) Similar to Nabanya and just down the road.  Has a full liquor selection and a small cafe menu.  Nice ambience.

Cafe Chains in Japan 


Starbucks has really taken off in Japan and especially in Yokohama.  Unlike Starbucks in the United States, Japanese Starbucks are not the places to station yourself for hours reading a book or writing a novel.  There are even signs in some Starbucks asking you not to do this.   It is one of the few cafe chains in Japan with no smoking inside.  Not much differentiates the Japanese Starbucks from those in America, you get a consistently cup of great coffee.  However, the Japanese Starbucks do not offer decaf and they typically don't have Venti sizes.  They have added a short size also for capuccinos and lattes that have 1 shot of espresso (same amount of espresso as in the the tall sizes).  Therefore, the short size gives you a stronger flavored coffee.

  • Starbucks Nishiguchi (Map it) - right outside the Yokohama station west exit, usually very busy.  Good just to get a quick cup, too busy to have much of a relaxing atmosphere. 
  •  Starbucks Cial (Map it)  - Right across the street from the Nishiguchi Starbucks.  Again very busy, sometimes  requires a wait for a seat.
  • Starbucks Vivre (Map it)  - In the bottom of the Vivre department store, next to HMV.  Nice atmosphere although again very busy.  Good outside seating for people watching when the weather is nice.
  • Starbucks Landmark (Map it)  - In the bottom of Landmark tower, surprisingly relaxing.  Pleasant atmosphere and doesn't feel too rushed.
  • Starbucks Queens Square (Map it)  - Very busy and sometimes requires a wait in line, I prefer the Landmark Starbucks.   Good outdoor seating when the weather is nice.
  • Starbucks Sakuragicho (Map it)  - Go up the escalator outside of Sakuragicho and station to run into this one (next to TGIF).   Quieter and a slower paced than most others.  
  • Starbucks Bashamichi (Map it)  - Great area, decent Starbucks, check out the Tully's as well across and down the street. 
  • Starbucks Izezaki (Map it)  - Not as busy as most others, but not as new either.  Looks a little older but still serves a great cup of coffee.
  • Starbucks Yokohama Park (Map it)  - Across from Yokohama Stadium,  near Kannai Station.   Good atmosphere and great to get one to go after a game.
  • Starbucks Motomachi (Map it)   - Good Starbucks but it might be better to search out one of the many other cafes in the area.  Probably best if you need a quick fix.

Tully's (J

(Kannai, Map it)  Tully's is a popular chain with a similar selection to Starbucks.   They also offer a tasty selection of hot sandwiches.  Their coffee provides a more robust roast than Starbucks.  They seem to have more of kick and will provide some variety if you are a Starbucks addict.  

Yokohama Bashamichi - Near Kannai station, great atmosphere right in the middle of a great restaurant and jazz club area. 

Choco Cro Saint Marc Cafe (J)

(Izezaki, Map it) This place has the most amazing chocolate filled croissants you have ever eaten.  Their coffee leaves a little bit to be desired but the bakery portion of the cafe makes up for it.  It might be better to get your croissants to go to due to the lack of good nonsmoking seating, but definitely needs to be checked out.  This is a popular chain that has a few locations in Yokohama and several throughout the Tokyo area.

Dotour (J)

Various shops around.  I never go into them because they are so smoky.  Not much atmosphere in them but it is not a bad cup of Japanese coffee.



Excelsior (J)

 A somewhat cheaper imitation of Starbucks run by Dotour.  Not my favorite but they aren't bad for the lower price.