Bars, Clubs, and Bar Restaurants

Yokohama is filled with drinking establishments that double as restaurants (aka Izakaya).  Check out those in addition to the more traditional bars. 


Listen to a little party music while browsing, Mr. Brightside 

Bar Bar Bar   (J)

(Kannai, Map it)  Grab a few drinks on the first floor and then head upstairs for whoever is playing live.   The food is decent and is a mixture of different Japanese style European food.   Located near Kannai and is hard to miss because of the large neon "Bar Bar Bar" sign.  Right on the corner next to Casa Fujimori and Bar Espanol.

Bar Espanol

(Kannai, Map it) Spanish bar serving tapas along with drinks.  Right across the street from Casa de Fujimori (same owners), it is the more casual drinking establishment associated with the restaurant but has the same quality service and food. 

Bay's (J)

(Kannai, Map it) Offical restaurant of the Yokohama Baystars filled with baseball paraphenalia.

Bond (J)

(Isezaki Mall, Map it) Funky bar located on the second floor along the main road in Isezaki Mall.  Decorated with Obi's and Kimono's in a modern way, it provides a enjoyable atmosphere to hang out.  Limited food menu, but extensive drink menu and wine list.

Buddy Workshop

(Yokohama Station Area, Map it) Periodically offer live music shows at this bar restaurant.  

Club 24

(Kannai, Map it) Garage style club.

Club 24 West 

(Kannai, Map it) Sister club to Club 24.

Club Cannonball (J)

(Hinodecho, Map it)

Club Dynamite  

(Stadium Area, Map it) Located in the basement next to a Cafe Crie.  Claims to have an urban feel, I haven't been but it might be worth checking out while in the area.  Near Windjammer, Norge, and several other bars and restaurants. 

Club Pure

(Kannai, Map it) In the basement below Dotour.

Club Why Not

(Motomachi, Map it) Popular bar in Yokohama that holds international parties for Japanese and foreigners to meet.   Not the most sophisticated bar but probably one of the least expensive places to drink in Yokohama. 

Darts Bar Dragan (J)

(Kannai, Map it)  Bar with multiple darts boardsin the heart of Kannai.  Cool atmosphere to hang out even if you aren't interested in playing darts.


(Noge, Map it) Downbeat has been serving drinks to jazz lovers for more than 40 years, and it is still as popular as ever. The owner's record collection, which totals over 3,000 LPs, provides most of the music, but once a month there is a live session that costs around 2000 yen. The lounge-style seats and low tables provide a very relaxed atmosphere to enjoy your drinks--and the music.  Close to Sakuragicho station. 

Dr. Jikyll & Mr. Hyde  



(Kannai, Map it) Wine bar and shop.  Offers sampling of a variety of wines.   Actually a wine distributor that runs cafes/wine bars throughout the Kanto area.   


Essence Bar and Restaurant 

Flashback Cafe 

(Stadium, Map it)  Jump back into the 70's in this bar near Chinatown and the stadium.  Made to make you feel at home check out this page at Hot Pepper to get a coupon.  Basically, an imitation of Friday's with a more lively bar.  Waiters are friendly and are glad to assist any lost gaijin.    Right on the corner of a main street near the stadium, hard to miss.  Millions deli is a few doors down. 


(Izezaki, Map it)


(Yokohama Station Area, Map it)  Located in the Basement right after taking a left out of the west exit of Yokohama station.

Green Sheep Irish Pub (J)

 (Yokohama Station Area, Map it) Cool pub about 10 minutes walk from Yokohama station.  Sometimes has live music.

Hogs Head

(Kannai, Map it)  

Kai On Kou Ha (J)

(Kannai, Map it) Dining bar and restaurant that fancies itself a jazz bar as well.  Serves up some pretty serious gourmet as well.


(Kannai, Map it) Live jazz house that has some of the best jazz in town.  Cover charge is usually a bit pricey though. 

Kegoon (J)

(Izesaki, Map it) Cool new bar with a Mexican theme located about a block away from Izesaki mall.  From the website, you can see that darts is popular in the bar.

Kirin Beer Hall (J)

(Kannai, Map it) Large restaurant bar serving a variety of foods including curries.  The attraction here is definitely the beer and the atmosphere for a large group of people (or a group of large people).

Le Temps Perdu

(Noge, Map it) Belgian bar that offers live jazz on a regular basis.   Has about 20 Belgian beers available.  Very popular bar that always seems to have come customers.  Located in Noge, it is right off the main  road in a small alley.  The sign in the photo lists all the beers they sell inside.  Happy hour runs from 1800-2000 and includes the beers on tap at 500 yen.  Easy to spot because of the sign outside with a clown on it.  Highly recommended for both the atmosphere and the beer selection.

Motion Blue Jazz Club (J/E)

(Aka Renga, Map it)  Great bar and restaurant that hosts some of the top acts in Japan or visiting Japan.  Has free nights about 4 nights a month.  Check the calendar to see who is playing which night.  Great atmosphere to watch some jazz although it can get a bit pricey.  Expect to pay above 3000 yen per person for cover charge on most nights.  Atmoshpere is a mellow one where you are served dinner and sit at your table while watching the bands play.    Located on the third floor of Aka Renga.  It is very easy to find.  English included on the menu makes it easy to order and their website also has some english instructions.

Moon Phase Cruising Bar (J)

(Minato Mirai, Map it)  Cruise out on a boat for dinner and drinks in the bay around Landmark tower and Cosmo world amusement park.   Go to the website to get a coupon.

New York Cafe

(Kannai, Map it) Cool restaurant and bar that serves great Fusion food.  The bar is somewhat separate from the restaurant and actually gives an authentic bar experience.  Located close to Kannai station, good place to start the night or hang out for a while.

Piggietail Connection (J)

(Izezaki, Map it)

Public House Speak Low (J)

((Kannai, Map it) Live music house. 

Queen Mary (J)

(Kannai, Map it) British themed restaurant bar with a wide array of food.  Website has a coupon for 10% off. 

Rest Garden Lafitt's (J)

 (Yokohama Station Area, Map it) Funky pirate themed restaurant bar right outside the west exit to Yokohama station.


My favorite bar/restaurant in the area.   It is a "stand up  bar" meaning that there are no seats.  At least on the first floor.  They serve a variety of Japanese foods off the grill among other Japanese style appetizers.  Wide selection of Sake for a reasonable price.  No English menu, but the staff are very friendly and will help you order.  This is a pay as you go bar and you place your money in the little baskets on the counter for them to take as you order.

Shot Bar Zorba

(Stadium area, Map it) Owned by the owners of Athens and Olympia restaurants, located near Chinatown and the stadium. 


60's theme bar.


(Yokohama Station Area, Map it) American style bar that serves grilled steaks and other American food. 

Sul Ponte

(Kannai, Map it) Italian/Japanese food.  Sometimes has live jazz. The real draw is the microbrewed beer brewed on premises.  Recommend the sampler.  If your  really adventurous, ask for the baniku (horse meat).  


The Tavern

(Yokohama Station Area, Map it) British Pub with lots of expat customers.  Full menu including delicious British and Indian food.  Great atmosphere makes you feel like you aren't in Japan.  Location is easy to spot because it is right next to McDonalds.  

Thumbs Up

(Yokohama Station Area 3rd Floor, Map it) Live band house with live music almost every night.  Reservations recommended as it tends to get packed.


(Izezaki, Map it) Professional bar that has one of the best deals going in town.  From 1800-2000, they have a happy hour where they serve pints of guinness on draft for 450 yen a pint.  The counters are dark wood and the atmosphere is definitely sophisticated.  The wait staff are outstanding and it is definitely a must see place prior to hitting other spots. 

Trilogy Wine Bar

(Izezaki, Map it) Restaurant and bar with extensive wine list.   


Tomei's Wine Bar

(Motomachi, Map it) Wine bar run by an expat from California.  Tastings for a reasonable price and you get to keep your glass if you buy a bottle.  On the other side from the tasting bar is a sitdown cafe where you can order wine by the glass and be served snacks.   Very close to the "Best Cheesecake" cafe.   Serves outstanding boutique wines that probably can't be found anywhere else in Japan. 

Windjammer Jazz Bar

(Stadium, Map it) Live jazz performances daily in a great atmosphere.  Right next to Chinatown.  Located in the middle of several interesting bars including a Norwegian bar, Greek restaurant and about 500 Chinese restaurants. 


Yokohama Cable Car

(Stadium, Map it) Bar set in the interior of a cable car.   Classy and comfortable.  Same owners as the Windjammer bar and just around the corner.