Yokohama Attractions

Yokohama, Japan is filled with places to wander.  Here are just a few of them. While browsing, listen to some sightseeing music, Love Rollercoaster  


List of maps to find different places in area

 Aka Renga (Red Brick Warehouse) (J)

Aka Renga is an old warehouse built in the early 1900's and recently rehabbed.    It is filled with an eclectic mix of stores, restaurants and cafes.  They often hold events just outside the building.  Chances are you will find something going on if you stop by on a weekend.  It is also home to Motion Blue which is a jazz club where world renowned artists perform.  


 World's cleanest Chinatown.  Probably the most expensive as well.  100's of small restaurants throughout the city offer a wide array of Chinese cuisine. 

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

(Map it) This is a combination of an amusement park and an aquarium.  You can buy tickets for just the rides, just the aquarium, or both.  The prices vary from 2500 to 4900 yen. 

You can also ride each attraction and pay individually although this would quickly add up as the prices are from 500 to 1000 yen per ride. 

The rides are world class.  The roller coaster has a portion that goes over the bay and the free fall tower takes you to a height of 109 meters and then drops you.  Entry to the park itself is free.  The gardens are rather scenic and there are a great number of restaurants inside the park that service reasonably priced decent food.


Best location in the Yokohama area to see old Japan.  

Location of the Great Buddha (Daibutsu) and various important shrines and temples.


Landmark Tower

 For one thousand yen, you can ride the world's fastest elevator to the top.  One a nice day, views of Mt. Fuji can be had.  One of the top malls in Japan is located below and next to the tower.  On the fifth floor, there are several great restaurants with views of Minato Mirai.  The website lists every restaurant and store in the mall.  Definitely a place to go if you are into shopping.  Located right outside of Sakuragicho station (Map it).


Motomachi Shopping Street  (Japanese site)

(Map it) Street filled with shops and cafes.  Mainly a place to go during the day.  Filled with shoppers on weekends.  

Minato no Mieru Park

(Map it)  Park with a view of the bay.  Nice area to walk around at the top of the bluff.  Beautiful rose garden when in bloom.  Nearby is the foreigners cemetary and foreigners houses.  This area was the first settled in the area by foreigners about 150 years ago.  The area definitely has a foreign influence and is home to many interesting cafes and parks.

Nippon Maru Sailing Ship (J)

(Map it)

Nogeyama Zoo (J)

(Map it) Quaint zoo which is very popular on the weekends with families (probably due to it being free).  Does not live up to the great zoos but it is good for a nice walk.  Especially nice during cherry blossom season as it is filled with the "Sakura".   

Osanbashi Pier (J)

(Map it)

Sankeien Garden

(Map it)

World Porters (J)

 This is another shopping super mall.  It is located right next to Aka Renga and Minato Mirai.  There is a nice pathway that leads from Sakuragicho station to the mall that is worth the walk.  On the top floor of the mall, there are several restaurants that range from Indian to Indonesian to American.


Yamashita Koen

(Map it) Park right next Yokohama bar  that extends the length from Aka Renga towards Motomachi.  


Yokohama Stadium (J)

(Map it) Home to the Yokohama Baystars (J) baseball team and the Yokohama Marinos (J) soccer team.   In the spring, the park outside the stadium is filled with tulips. 

Yokohama Museum of Art

(Map it)

Bank Art 1929 

Site of film screenings, dance performances, symposiums and contemporary art shows.  Arguably the center of the art culture in Yokohama.  An old bank has remodeled into an arts center.