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*3D Tetris

Balloon Kid

Balloon Fight GB

Battle Clash

Dr. Mario 64

*Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir

*Famicom Detective Club II: The Girl in Back

*Fire Emblem Gaiden

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

*Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

*Fire Emblem: The Sword of Light & The Dragon of Darkness

For the Frog the Bell Tolls

Galactic Pinball

Game Boy Camera



Gunpey DS


Kid Icarus

Kirby's Block Ball

Mario & Wario

*Mario Clash

*Mario's Tennis

Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge


Metroid II: Return of Samus

Metroid Prime

Sky Skipper

Solar Striker

Super Mario Land

Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins

Super Metroid


*Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon

VB Wario Land

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3


*Yoshi's Cookie(NES, DMG)

In Fangames

Metroid Fan Mission

Super Mario Cowabunga!

Super Mario Melatonin

Thingio Side A: Let's Go! Thingio!


Japanese TV Documentary

Bring Back the Eggplant Wizard (song for Gunpei Yokoi)

Gunpei & Groove

Gunpei Yokoi Game Mansion Book


Icons/Game Makers

Iwata Asks: Super Mario Galaxy

Japanese drawing


Miyamoto Shrine(mentions of Gunpei Yokoi in interviews)

More past information

Philosophy of Nintendo Biography

SEGA Fantasy VI

Stage 3-1

The Greatest Inventor



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Birth of Nintendo: 1889

Birth: September 10, 1941

Joined Nintendo: 1965

Created Ultra Hand: 1970

R&D1: Late Seventies

Game & Watch "Ball": April 1980

Produced Donkey Kong with Miyamoto: 1981

Metroid & Kid Icarus: 1985

R&D1 splits to Intelligent Systems: 1986

Game Boy: 1989

Started on VR Project: 1992

Talk/Revealing of Virtual Boy: 1994

Virtual Boy: July 21, 1995

Nintendo 64 Revealed: November 24, 1995

Game Boy Pocket: 1996

Resigned from Nintendo: August 15th, 1996

Koto Established: September 11th, 1996

Death: October 4, 1997

WonderSwan: 1999

Lifetime Achievement Award: March 6, 2003

Q Entertainment's Gunpey: Late 2006/Early 2007

Help Wanted/ヘルプ欲しかった


(coming soon)

Link to GYC

Super Mario Land "Ending"

Super Mario Land "Mario"

Metroid "Samus"

Yoshi's Cookie "Sign"

Yoshi's Cookie "Sign" (animated)

Kirby's Block Ball "Foutain"

Wednesday September 10, 2008

actually monday september 22, 2008

I could have sworn that after finishing moving the site and converting it to WordPress that I had updated this site... I guess I was in such a rush to get it all working that I didn't. Still, this site is now located here. I'll probably leave this old version here, though, just unupdated.

Monday July 28, 2008(7:08 PM)

gunpei & groove 2 & new server soon

I haven't had much to update this page with, and I guess I've gotten distracted... I'm finally trying to change to a new server. I have on ready, however, with a new server will come a redesign, and I'm not that skilled with HTML and the like. If I'm lucky, I might be able to set up the accompanying WordPress page to work for this type of thing. It would help with true updates too.

Speaking of updates, I've managed to only find and get permission to show a scan of the photo and autographed magazine from the Gunpei & Groove video. I've also linked to a new recent video on the same page, with actual footage of the autograph! Grooveraider told me you can't really hear anything in the raw video, but it's still amazing footage!

Sunday April 06, 2008(1:16 AM)

nothing's fools

This April Fools joke this year was that I pretended to ignore the anniversary of this site's launching... whenever it was... which was in my signature on a random message board, so it doesn't matter. Oh, and while I update this, a remix of a song from the Famicom Detective Club games was playing, and the SNES version was released on April 1st too. So I pretended to ignore that for April Fools Day too.

So, yeah, nothing this time, unless I forgot a tiny site fix I made without updating, but it'd be unimportant anyway.

Friday March 28, 2008(5:20 PM)


Seems a lot of links on the main page were broken. Whoops. These pages were fixed, and the first had a : removed.


Friday 07, 2008(02:27 AM)

gunpei & groove & g4

Hopefully in the delays this update has had I haven't forgot to mention or finish an update... 

I have taken Gunpey(PSX) off the site's missing list, the credits make no mention of Gunpei Yokoi, added a section for games that do NOT feature him in the credits that are often atributed to him, added some new photos including him in what may just be his own house, added a link to the G4 Icons biography, added a video of a man's photo taken with him at E3 1995, added some preview pictures for pages with just links, changed the icon for Gunpey DS, attempted and failed to play through Famicom Detective Club II(FDS), Golf and Tetris 3-D, which was given it's proper name of 3D Tetris, and finally, added a section for affiliates and some buttons. Right now it covers possible links for Mario, Kirby and Metroid websites, and maybe Yoshi's Cookie ones.

I also gave every page a once over once again, as I added counters to every single page. If anyone visits these pages, I can now know, so I can tell if this site ever gets any actual views. If they have JavaScript enabled, I will also be able to find out more information, maybe see if anyone from Japan picks up on the Help Wanted page.

If anyone wishes to show me a free hosting service, host this site on their own server, and/or create a basic PHP style database system for the pages, please contact me. Check the bottom of this page or the Plugoo section on the sidebar.

December 05, 2007(11:50 PM) 

can we fix it? ...maybe 

I went through and fixed all the images, at least, I think all of them. Google Pages decided to turn them all to their JPEG thumbnail counterparts. While I was at it, I fixed a few mistakes, reworded some things, added a few images to the Photo Gallery, added some images to some text only sections, added sections for SEGA Fantasy VI and Iwata Asks: Super Mario Galaxy, added Game Boy Camera themed icons to the Game Boy Camera/Photo Gallery sections and added some more random lighthearted footnotes.

October 23, 2007(3:00 PM)

(rare?) japanese documentary

Today, after sleeping in somewhat too much, expecting to simply work on a different web page of mine unrelated to this, only to barely see a new Japanese Google Alert on the bottom of my last five e-mails received. I hadn't expected much beyond some kind of copied Wikipedia article, which is why I was shocked to find a blog article with an embedded flash video of... some kind of a documentary on Gunpei Yokoi...

I have also decided to add a Help Wanted page, in hopes of finding a translator.

October 04, 2007(6:30 PM)

patented in heaven

I hadn't had much that was worthy of an update, but I felt a tribute was appropriate for today. Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War's image was added, turns out the credits were in the intro. I have also added links to his patents that show up on Google.

July 31, 2007(2 PM)

bring back the update wizard

Someone online led me to a DS emulator that can run Gunpey DS properly, so I have gotten an image for it. There's still no sign of me getting a PSP soon however. I have also added Sky Skipper's high score list.

I have also added a new section, Elsewhere, logging what I feel to be important or interesting things featuring Gunpei Yokoi.

Finally, I have added a photo gallery of rare images related to him.

May 21, 2007(almost 1 PM)

galactic pinball wizard OR gunpei yokoi in high scores

I have added a credits image for Galactic Pinball, as well as a high score image also featuring his name. I have also added a slot for Sky Skipper, which I believe has his name in the score list as well. I also discovered Golf and 3D Tetris don't run well at all in emulators.

May 17, 2007(10 AM) (yes, again)

window seated posthumously?

Thanks to another online friend of mine, I have gotten an image for the North American version of Metroid Prime. However, the paragraph his name was featured in was removed in all other versions.

May 10, 2007(10 AM)

legacy of gunpei yokoi

(also his cookie)

I have taken the screenshot for the NES version of Yoshi's Cookie. I did this right after posting the previous update, so I felt I needed something more significant. So, I decided to do one of the things I had wanted to do on this site, and created a small far from complete list of important dates related to Gunpei Yokoi. I tried to get everything I could remember. This list can be used along with the dates on the game pages to figure out when they were released in his life. This list is far from complete, lacking many dates that I could get from Japanese sites.

May 10, 2007(the usual early time)

she called the doctor mario, woke him up and said

I've added a better image from Dr. Mario 64, and made a page listing the currently known missing images. I also removed the Plugoo, because it stopped working right.

May 08, 2007(or really late may 07)

gunpey's goof

I finally got around to beating Gunpey... with a tiny little advantage of infinite SP attacks. Oddly enough, however, it lacked credits! I have also added hopefully all the credits for Panel de Pon, and fixed up the page, putting them side by side. I have also removed Pokemon Puzzle Leauge's entry, added the missing * next to Metroid Prime, and added pages for both the original Gunpey and one for each of it's two modern renditions.

April 23rd, 2007(reaaaly early)

smile! he's on game boy camera!

I have added the credits image for Game Boy Camera! That's... pretty much it. I found out I could add my own images to the save file to make up for the lack of photo shoot emulation, too. I can even view/modify the Album B images! What is that toy anyhow?

April 18th, 2007(afternoon)

panel de pon: attack of the tetris

I added screenshots for Panel De Pon's VS Mode ending and Tetris Attack's VS Mode, Puzzle Mode, Puzzle Mode Extra, Endless and Stage Clear endings. I'm probably gonna have to move the site off of Google if I plan to make any more big pages or changes, I'm struggling to stick with the format the way Google Pages puts images on.

April 12th, 2007(morning)

clash insanity

I've added a page for Mario Clash to the site, despite the lack of a proper credits sequence for the game. I felt that being a main VB title, it had a place here. instead, I have added the epic 999,999 points ending.

In other news, I have added a page for Metroid Fan Mission, which also features a link to the site. You can find it under "In Fangames". I also fixed the link to Mario & Wario, which I had forgot to remove the *.

April 9th, 2007(early morning)

mario & knuckles wario...

Thanks again to Raccoon Sam, we have an image for Mario & Wario! Also thanks to him is a new icon for VB Wario Land! I also have decided to add a page for Metroid Prime, as it has been said by some to feature a dedication in the credits, and Pokémon Puzzle League, due to it's link with Panel de Pon. Expect more Panel de Pon series credits images soon.

April 7th, 2007(late morning)

gunpei yokoi credits detective club

Another interesting story resulting in another picture. I had started playing the translation of the SNES remake of Famicom Detective Club II, when a friend of mine asked what's up, so I told him, showed him a screenshot or two, and being as he's interested in detective stories apparently, he played and finally beat it. He even sent me a screenshot of Gunpei Yokoi's name in the credits, among other things. I also fixed the names of both games, adjusting to the quality translation hackers have given the SNES game. I was going to add the Sateleview entry in the series to the list, but I realized it came out after he left Nintendo, he would have been working for his own company at that time.

A little after that update, I decided to check for any games that may lack credits, like Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters. Thusly, I have removed Dr. Mario for the NES/Gameboy from the list, and added a * next to any games that currently lack images for at least one version of the game.

April 5th, 2007(way early)

vb wario land, enough said

Thanks to Raccoon Sam, we have a credits screenshot for Virtual Boy Wario Land. It's funny, really, the original picture was in a double vision type look, not sure if it'd work with 3D glasses or not, and I figured it wouldn't be separable into the two screens that made it up, but I realized I could separate them still!

Give RS a big round of applause for the image, too!

April 4th, 2007(0525 dollars)

wii tested

I haven't gotten any updates, as I got a Wii. However, I am able to verify the page works decently with the free beta of the Internet Channel. It is recommended that it is not run in the mode when you click button 2.

April 1st, 2007(10:30ish PM)

april's fool

The joke is that I didn't update anything in this update! However, it's the nine year anniversary of the Super Famicom port of Famicom Detective Club II, so that's a good of date as any to launch!

March 30th, 2007(Quite PM)

metal kombat frogageddon

I've added credits images for Battle Clash and Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge, and updated the one on For the Frog the Bell Tolls. I've also added icons next to the names on several pages, because I didn't have any other games on the computer I was on that I could beat fast enough to make an image for.

March 30th, 2007(Very AM)

wario blast: featuring gunpei yokoi

I've added an image for Balloon Kid, added a page for Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge, and removed Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman!, as it does not feature Gunpei Yokoi's name in the credits. It does, however, list thanks to "ALL NINTENDO STAFF"...

I have also removed emulator borders on all the images that had them. The small fangames section keeps it's windows, as those are Windows games, that being part of.... Windows.

March 29th, 2007(PM)

the first touch up

I have added images to the pages for Balloon Fight GB, Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins and Tetris Attack(DMG). I have also moved the three fangames to their own section.

March 29th, 2007

the pre-beginning

As of now, I have listed most if not every game on's credits directory featuring Gunpei Yokoi, excluding Mario Paint and Joy Mech Fight, which I have checked, both do not feature Gunpei Yokoi's name. I have also listed some other games not listed with credits.