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 What would you do if today was the last  day of your life?

Yogesh Chabria asked himself that question sometime ago, and came up with a huge list of "Things To Do”. Luckily, for him he has been doing most of the things he ever wanted to do.  He is fulfilling his never-ending desire to speak, write, share new ideas, and loves helping people out with their problems. As a public speaker, he has helped people identify their dreams, boost their confidence and face their obstacles. He has spoken on topics ranging from writing and marketing to the power of motivation and positive thinking. He is also an author, and writes for numerous magazines and newspapers all over the world on a wide variety of topics such as business, motivation, culture, science, fiction and humor. In his spare time he is busy hunting for new investment and entrepreneurial opportunities. He suggests you make your own “Things to Do List” as if today was the last day of your life, and start doing everything you have on that list. Life is wonderful and too short to do things that you don't believe in. 



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