I am an Assistant Professor at Statistics and Mathematics UnitIndian Statistical Institute  (Bangalore).  My main research interest is probability and more specifically, stochastic geometry.  Recently, I have also started looking at questions in Random Topology. On why the mix of Topology, Probability and Statistics (TOPOS) have interesting questions, read these four accessible and interesting articles (1,2,3,4).  For more about my research, you can read my research statement  (written in 2014) and/or see the links above

For what it is worth, here are the links to my Academia page and Research Gate page.  

                                                  USEFUL LINKS

Prospective (and also current faculty) of ISI can see the following useful webpage.   
This webpage lists upcoming conferences at ISI, Bangalore.

This webpage has very useful information about applied topology seminars and conferences. 
Suggested readings for students in Probability (written by Manjunath Krishnapur).

                                                CURRENT AND FUTURE EVENTS     

         With Manjunath KrishnapurI am co-organizing the Bangalore Probability Seminar.  Some probability related events are also listed on the calendar. 
          Reading Seminar on SPDEs.   (Jul - Oct, 2016).

          Lectures on Probability and Stochastic Processes. (Nov 25-29, 2016).

          ISI Math Day (Jan 7, 2017).   (Aimed at 11th and 12th Standard students interested in Mathematics).

         An afternoon in Stochastic Reflection. (Jan 23rd, 2017).
          A Probability Meeting to be Named Later  (12-14, May 2017).  

Yogeshwaran D,
16 Nov 2016, 03:45