Yoga Therapy in Rehabilitation

Yoga Therapy in Rehabilitation

Yoga is Strength!

In the rehabilitation period after a disease is to strengthen the objective of the entire body. Thereby you're doing again fit for the everyday requirements. With yoga therapy, check back enough energy to meet your life happily.

  • For musculoskeletal problems yoga therapy focuses on

  • Building strength in muscles, ligaments and tendons
  • Restore range of motion in the joints
  • Development of balance and coordination skills

  • For problems of the cardiovascular system as it goes around

  • Development of composure in all situations
  • Learning the methods specifically and consciously relax
  • Gentle cardiovascular training

  • For problems with the airways yoga therapy causes i.a.

  • Strengthening the airways
  • Relief from nasal and bronchial
  • Expanding lung capacity

  • For problems with the internal organs as it comes around

  • Activation of the general self-healing through relaxation
  • Promotion of organ perfusion by compressions
  • Strengthening the overall constitution through metabolic stimulation