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Angela: Angela is a certified Pranakriya Yoga and Prenatal Yoga teacher and mother of two.  Yoga has been her cornerstone throughout many life transitions especially the transformative childbearing years. She has a B.S. degree in Therapeutic Recreation and loves the therapeutic aspects of yoga and enjoys weaving some restorative elements into each class.   Her personal practice constantly informs her teaching.  She has trained with and been inspired by many teachers including Yoganand Michael Carroll, Barrett Lauck Reinhorn, Steven Valloney, Kathy Bolte and others.  Angela lives and teaches in Riverside, CA and plans to continue her commitment to studying more yoga and deepening her practice to share with others.

Christie: Christie is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher who began studying yoga in 1995 and has taught since 1997. She began her Iyengar Yoga studies with Karin O'Bannon in 1997 and has studied consistently with Manouso Manos since 2001, including therapeutic applications of yoga from 2015 to 2018. She received her master's degree in kinesiology in 2009.  Her physical issues include degenerating joints and discs, scoliosis and fibromyalgia. She has bilateral hip replacements. Her personal background and studies mean she works to adapt poses so that truly any body can do them.

Cory: M.S. in Kinesiology and certified Iyengar teacher.  Began practicing and studying yoga in 2005 and has been a student at the UCR extension center in the Iyengar yoga program since 2006 and continues to study with senior Iyengar teachers.  Started working at the F.U.N. Yoga Studio in July 2010.  He has a high level of enthusiasm as well as a commitment to the study and practice of Iyengar yoga.

David: David’s path in yoga began as marathon running rehabilitation under the Iyengar-style tutelage of Christie Hall.  This training expanded to many styles, including two Ashtanga teacher training intensives in India. David applied this background into the establishment of yoga programs. His F.U.N. yoga classes have a strong foundation in proper alignment and offer freedom to build personalized practices. Each class has a unique flavor with humor and insights shared from experiences as a medical entomologist and ecologist at UC Riverside and more recently as a licensed Respiratory Care Practitioner in acute hospital care settings. He strives to provide a safe, energetic, and friendly yoga environment for all ability and skill levels.

Elena: Elena, M.Ed., certified yoga teacher - KRI, has studied kundalini for over 20 years. She studied Ayurveda at the Southern California University of Health Sciences. As a teacher and ayurvedic practitioner, she blends the technology of kundalini with Ayurvedic knowledge of life.  This experience has been life transforming and she loves to share this with others. 

Evie: Evie has been doing yoga since she was 16 years-old. She has found that the physical work-out and the focus on breath-work has helped her to breathe deeper and better, to feel grounded and calm, and continues to bring her a deeper understanding of life. This inspires her to teach, so that others can feel this good. Evie has completed a total of 500 hours and is a certified yoga instructor with her training in Anusara alignment-based yoga which focuses on alleviating pain and discomfort. It is important to Evie that the needs of each student is recognized, acknowledged, and addressed. 

Kathy: Kathy began her yoga practice when she was 16 - by herself, from a book, in her bedroom. Even from that humble beginning, she was able to experience the profound benefits of practicing yoga. Now, many years later, after having studied with a variety of teachers and disciplines, she is a certified instructor through Yoga Alliance.  Kathy's classes are shaped by alignment principles, life-affirming philosophy, and heart-oriented teachings. She also practices yoga through sacred chant and leads kirtan regularly in the Inland Empire. 

Liz: Liz began her yogic path in 2002 as a college first year.  She discovered that yoga provided a nice balance to her academic pursuits that often left her anxious and lacking in confidence. Yoga encouraged her to take care of herself and find peace in an intellectually high-pressure environment. Initially, she fell in love with flow yoga as it helped her to get out of her head and into her often forgotten body. Since 2007, Liz has developed her practice to include various different styles of yoga, such as Anusara, Hatha, Iyengar, and Yin. Liz sees all yoga as a blessing as it eases the physical pain and emotional discomfort that comes with high stress. She is well acquainted with being "all in your head" and fully believes in the healing and creative power of mind-body connection. In 2013, Liz began her path as a yoga teacher under the instruction of Ashley Fiala and the Sraddha School of Yoga. Liz brings strong alignment principles to all of her classes and teaches that all movement must begin with a strong foundation. As a vinyasa teacher, she believes that breath and movement, anchored in alignment, can provide practitioners with a meditative force of their own creation. She encourages students to find empowerment and wisdom in every pose, no matter how familiar or challenging. Liz believes that teaching is a life-long learning process and so brings creativity and variety to her students to inspire their own discovery. When not on the mat, Liz is a Ph.D. student working on her dissertation in English at UCR, where she also teaches writing and mentors college students.

Marie: Marie began her yoga practice in 2001 while pregnant with her daughter.  She has maintained a practice since that time, completing her 200-hour Teacher Training through Western Yoga College in 2009.  She continues to practice and study with teachers in a variety of styles which she blends into her unique classes.  Marie believes that any Body can do yoga and benefit; she encourages students of varied skill levels to come in to practice with the bodies that they have, and to feel comfortable.  She adapts poses to individual needs with extra instruction and props.  While slow and careful in pace, the class is not “easy;” students comment that Marie’s classes are invigorating, challenging, and ultimately relaxing.

Nathan: Nathan took his first breath in 1981, and has been learning how to breathe ever since. He is a certified Pranakriya Yoga teacher and has trained extensively with Yoganand Michael Carroll, Steven Valloney, and many others. Nathaniel is an artist, scientist, and yogi currently residing in Riverside, CA with his wife, Angela and their two children. His knack for story-telling often helps set the tone and theme for the practice.

Sara: Dr. Sara is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance certified RYT-E200 and certified Kids Yoga teacher. She started to study the beneficial aspects of Hatha Yoga in high school. Yoga, tennis, martial arts and competitive water sports accompanied her journey from Europe to North America, through college and the high demands of careers in architecture, lighting design and academia. Since 2011, she has devoted her yoga studies with teachers of Iyengar Yoga.  Sara continues to train and practice yoga under the mentorship of (in chronological order): Christie Hall, Sri Peggy Cleve, Cory Johnston, Sri Manouso Manos, Tammy Gingerella, Sri. H. S. Arun, Lisa Walford, Sri Gloria Goldberg, Sri Chris Stein, Kishor, Tulsi Laher, Sri Anna Delury. She is a graduate from the Iyengar Yoga program at UCR Extension Center (2013-2017), and under the mentorship of Sri Gloria Goldberg she completed the 3-year Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training Program, San Diego (2015-2017). She also holds a BA in Architecture, MA in Education Leadership and an Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership. Sara follows an intuitive contemporary yogic lifestyle and expands her knowledge and experience with key human factors: anatomy, ergonomics, and human cognitive behavior. She explores alignment and the human functional movement systems (all ages) to help minimize the effects of sports injuries, scoliosis, dedicated office careers, stress, PTSD. She is an avid scholar of ancient wisdom and holistic traditions. She takes the practice off the mat and explores the many different paths of yoga and its transformative skillful actions.