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Beginner Yoga:  For those who are new to yoga or still in their first year of practice. This class focuses on learning correct alignment of the basic poses and how to use the yogic breath to inform the pose. Great for building strength & flexibility while learning how to relax deeply into the practice.

F.U.N. Yoga:  David's signature class - playful and FUN! Yang/Yin mixed with some Flow, Inversions, Ropes, Slow Stretch & Restorative. The best of all worlds!

Iyengar Yoga: Iyengar Yoga, created by B.K.S. Iyengar, focuses on the structural alignment of the physical body through the development of asanas. It aims to unite the body, mind and spirit for health and well-being. Iyengar Yoga is characterized by great attention to detail, and the use of props such as blocks or chairs to allow beginners and experienced practitioners to find the essence of the pose.

Kundalini Yoga:  The Yoga of Awareness. It works through postures, breath, chanting, and meditation to clear energy channels.   You can often feel the powerful effects of Kundalini after just a few minutes of practice.

Led Ashtanga (Workshops Only): This is a challenging, vigorous, flowing led class, consisting of a fixed sequence of poses as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, where we link each movement to the breath.

Morning/Evening Flow: Slower than typical vinyasa flow, this practice will help you greet or end the day with serenity. Students of all levels are welcome.

Restorative Yoga: Restorative Yoga is a slow-paced form of yoga that helps relax the body, thus allowing conscious time and space for the body to heal itself. Use of various yoga props to hold the body in favorable positions, while gentle touch adjustments aid the flow of energy, encouraging the mind and body to release tension and restore health.

Slow Paced: Yoga asanas (postures) modified for older adults and those needing a slower paced class. All levels, beginners welcome.

Slow Stretch (a.k.a. Yin Yoga): Focuses on stretching slowly and deeply into poses that are aimed at increasing flexibility.  Stretches aren't forced but relaxed into.  No need for previous yoga experience and no fear of having to get into those "yoga pretzel poses".  Anyone can do slow stretch yoga and everyone can benefit from it.

Vinyasa Flow: This flowing class is challenging, invigorating and fun for both advanced and less experienced students.  Level 2 begins with sun salutations, followed by standing and seated poses, and emphasizes the breath.  Recommend one year previous practice, but all are welcome!

Yoga Self-Study: Yoga Self-Study, a.k.a. the practice of Svadhyaya, means to study yourself.  Develop or renew your daily practice, have fun, explore some new poses!  Share the experience of early morning practice based on variations of Ashtanga asana practice, sun salutations, standing and seated poses, inversions, ropes, and savasana.

Yoga with Christie: Taught with detailed “how-to” methods, often using props for support and emphasizing alignment for safety and to maximize benefits from the poses. Precision in alignment provides the means for sending intelligence throughout the body so that students might find the ultimate emancipation of yoga: stilling the turnings of the mind and learning to be at home within themselves. Excellent for beginning, pre-natal, stiff or weaker students. Level 2 requires one year’s experience.

Yoga with Kathy: This class is highly influenced by alignment principles, life affirming philosophy, and heart-oriented teachings. Fun for students who have a regular yoga practice as well as those who are newer to yoga.

Preparing for class:
  • Bring a mat, if you have one.
  • Don’t eat more than a light meal two hours before class.
  • Classes are done barefoot. If this poses a problem, advise your teacher.