Guide to classes

Beginners - for students with no yoga experience or those who want to improve at this level of practice.

Mixed ability - suitable for beginners and improvers a mixed ability class covers the basic syllabus.

General - for students with at least 2 years Iyengar yoga practice.

Intermediate - for students with at least 3 years Iyengar yoga practice and regularly practice head balance and shoulder balance.

Over 50's - In this class we make use of the facilities at the studio enabling mature students to get the best out of their practice by modifying basic postures.

Back Pain - A course specifically aimed at managing back pain. Starting with recovery postures and ending with a home practice that keeps the spine mobile and healthy.

Restorative - This class is ideal for those with hip, shoulder or back problems, managing a chronic health condition or in the midst of post operative recovery. It is for those who want to take time out from a busy stressful life to release tension, replenish energy and start to feel refreshed. The classic postures are modified so students can hope to improve posture, alignment and flexibility as well as develop a positive sense of well-being through this gentle practice.

General 2- This class is between general and intermediate level, for experienced students and enlarges on back bends, inversions and pranayama.

Postures are taught in the traditional way, precisely and methodically, with emphasis on right effort. Practiced in this manner the method leads towards better health, improved concentration and allows us to be calm during stressful times.

Mats, blocks, bricks, bolsters, blankets, chairs and belts are provided, wear clothes that stretch & come with an empty stomach.

Class prices range from £7 - £13 depending on teacher qualification level and length/type of class.

For more information contact the teacher directly.