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Jewel of the Guru's TeachingsMarcela Andre, Maitreyi Andre principal Regalia Master for Sri Swami Satchidananda, creating new garlands for special events at Yogaville and New York City IYI, the Silver Anniversary Memorial All-Faiths Sterling silver Crown and countless spiritually inspired jewels and installations in special events: Guru Poornima, Sivaratri, Ecumenical Ceremonies, Anniversaries and Valentines'  and Christmas and New Years Parties, filming and photoshoots.

It is this incomparable experience with the fine-arts training from San Miguel to New York work with trustee of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, via India's most elegant designs and textiles and sacred objects that form the thesis of Creacion Marcela Andre: Exclusive designs, Marcela Andre's San Miguel Jewelry is World-Class gem design.

Permanent collections of ceremonial pieces are housed at LOTUS, Chidamabaram, in Private Collections in Hawaii, San Francisco and Ojai, California; Biloxi, Mississippi,    Ohio, Las Vegas, Pennsylvania,  Canada, Australia, France, Houston, and Mexican conoisseurs. References available upon request.

Collector pieces of rare quality and selection: Opals in the matrix, valencianite, meteorites, danburite, miniature geodes, calcites and quartz matrices, marcelita antitrauma stone, agates, fire agates, jaspers in all colors, Mesoamerican obsidian, yellow chalcedony, smithsonite, adamite, pyrite, specimens suchas: water-filled geodes, special orders, jewelry designs from huge  selection of mineral specimens, lapidary services, new Mayan jades and amazonite, amber from Simojovel, Mexico, Colombian emeralds, tiger's eye,  leopard jasper and opals in the raw. Quartz matrices from

prestigious sources in Mexico.

Healing Jewels

Very diverse gem and jewel selection with naturally-occurring baroque gems for custom-settings.