Sep 2012

Greetings yoga friends -

I am thrilled to be back in Portland, and eager to share the energy and insights of my trek along the John Muir Trail, the crest of the Sierra Nevada.

Ahhhh... Deep Wilderness. Sparkling light. Challenge. Inspiration.

Inline image 1
- photo by Steve Dunleavy -

So often the 200+ miles are accompanied by streams, rivers, mountain becks, waterfalls, lakes. Each day I would repeat the simple mantra -

        may the music of the flowing water awaken my listening ear

A quick-read book of my inner experience is one way I plan to share those insights -

       Poems For The Journey - 18 poems on the John Muir Trail

"Just over a year after a traumatic accident, Eugene backpacked over 200 wilderness miles along the John Muir Trail, from Yosemite Valley to the summit of Mt Whitney. Free of books or distractions, could the 18 poems he carried help transform this outdoor adventure into a spiritual pilgrimage?"

    Available online -