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Oct 2011

Greetings yoga friends -

I am back from a wonderful trip to the UK, which included some great hikes with my sister. I loved being able to walk freely along the public footpaths that weave through the English countryside. Freely because of the legacy of public access from England's long car-free history -- those paths weave across farms, through villages and along forested lanes. Freely because my body felt fully recovered from the climbing fall and broken bones of five months earlier.

Eugene Hiking in England.JPG

Indeed, it felt that I had come full cycle. The very first 'movement' that I was able to do after the accident, with one foot broken and my torso wrapped in a brace to prevent spinal flexion, was to visualize walking along an outdoor trail. I would wake in the middle of the night with pain and fear, yet that freedom within my own mind provided movement and hope.

Perhaps that was why hiking on a beautiful autumn afternoon, with the soft sounds of the wood and the ribbon of trail leading us ever onward, was such rich reward. Not just reconnecting with family. Not jut reconnecting to the natural world. But returning to the images that were such a key part of my healing.

Visualization is a proven technique for athletes, enabling us to focus forward on achieving our movement goals. Perhaps just as important is to look backward. To remember with gratitude the path that we have already been blessed to walk.

Speaking of gratitude, I am now enjoying teaching yoga through the week at three great locations -

* Monday 5:45pm - Hawthorne Wellness Center
* Wednesday 6pm - OmBase Yoga Hillsdale
* Friday 6:15 AM (yes, early) - HeartSong Yoga Beaverton

Massage therapy is available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons in SW Portland. You can now book your session directly online. Email requests also welcome.

Namaste - Eugene