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Nov 2013

Greetings yoga friends -

A little less than three years ago, I fell climbing and broke my foot and fractured my spine. 

On the healing journey I visualized the wellness of my body, both in knowledge of western anatomy, and in imagery of eastern energy maps. For example, I sat for an hour with my spine specialist, examining the MRI scans of damaged vertebra and spinous processes over and over, understanding as deeply as possible what was the truth of my impacted body. And I used the love and support of my community to knit back together, one breath, one hug, one prayer at a time, the third chakra which emotionally had been torn out of my body, as if kicked in the stomach by some crazy-wild horse called chance.

The result was getting off narcotic pain killers quickly so that I was ready for immediate surgery. And moving every day, at first 'just' in my mind, then on a stationary bike and later in a therapy pool, all the time visualizing full function. The first time I stood on my foot, sensation sent a jab of anxiety up my leg and spine. But I was able to stay engaged with the intimate knowledge of my whole being - physical and energetic. And finally I eased into the full depth of my yoga practice. Those final steps were in some ways the most challenging, since it would have been so easy to plateau at functional and meet the expecatations of my western doctors. Instead, dear yoga friends, both teachers and students, accompanied me in very slowly re-exploring my literally stuck places, breathing through the return to twists and backbends that otherwise would have been locked forever into ignorance and fear.

Am I 100% recovered? I honestly answer that, no. Because I didn't stop at recovered. I currently feel about 120%.

I want to share the imagery and knowledge that was so healing for me, and therefore I am publishing a workbook for optimal health:

Vibrant Body - The Subtle Anatomy of Yoga

The book is filled with inspirational photographs, many from my friend Xiaoman Zhang who I met while hiking the John Muir Trail, something of a graduation hike for my healing journey. Here is a sample page -

I will be sharing copies of Vibrant Body at my workshop at Mandala Yoga on January 25th. The three hour class will be an introduction or a reconnection with the foundations of Hatha Yoga. And for me, it will feel like a book launch of this tool that I hope will prove useful in visualizing your own path to wholeness and more.

Namaste - Eugene