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May 2011

Greetings yoga friends -

How are my efforts to keep "active" through visualization going after my accident - unable to walk for a couple more months due to the heel fracture and temporarily limited in my spinal flexion as I let my back heal?

Certainly the first couple of weeks after the accident were hard. Woken by back pain before the rest of the household was up, unable to actually walk outside to greet the dawn and blow off the flashbacks or bad dreams. My salvation became my 'stationary walk', one knee on a chair, the other foot on the floor, visualizing a one mile loop around my local park. Breathing. Receiving the gifts of the natural world into my mind, whether my body was physically there or not.

I found a few advantages to this visualized edition. Even if there are rain showers, it's always at least a little sunny on this 'walk'. The trees are still in blossom, kids are playing and shouting on the swings, and there are always those amusing dogs to pass, those ones who somehow seem to match their owners. Plus, if I get tired, I don't need to finish the loop!

Then, when after 2 weeks my surgeon cut the cast off my foot and asked me to try moving the ankle, that movement still felt familiar. I had been practicing it in my mind/body connection each day. Within 60 seconds of experimenting, he said I was already at the stage clients typically get to after three weeks of PT. 

Lots of journey ahead, but so far an authentic sense of being drawn into deeper practice.

Namaste - Eugene