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Mar 2013

Greetings yoga friends -

I have heard spiritual growth described as when we stop trying to make things happen - instead we let things happen.

I get the intention - soften our tendency to barge mindlessly against the resistant blocks of life. 

But simply letting things happen is not resonant with my experience. Whether healing from a traumatic injury to be more than 100% vibrant in my body, or taking an unfinished gothic poem as inspiration and publishing my first novel, it feels like I have been more and more able tomake things happen in my life.

Here's what I have found, and what I will share in my workshop - Moving into Creativity - on March 23rd.

Often there are things which seem to block our path - people, attitudes, problems. If we push hard against them on their level - the level of vibrational density where they are appearing - then we experience a lot of resistance. Progress is indeed slow.

What the heck does that mean - vibrational density?

Well, for example, after my body had fallen almost 40 feet in a climbing accident, and I was immobilized in bed in a back brace, trying to get up and exercise would have been torture. Instead I transitioned my movement energy into visualization - not simply wishing about, but intentionally creating the experience of movement in my body. So that, when the cast on my broken foot was cut off, the surgeon was astonished to see that I had almost full range of motion through the ankle.

Rather than just letting things improve passively, I had channeled my energy into the most responsive level of my being. In this case a breath/mental layer. But just over a year later, pushing through heavy storms to complete the 200+ miles of the John Muir Trail, I was once again showing up on the raw physical layer of body, and rocks and high-country sunshine.

How do we manifest into our lives the outcomes we yearn for - creative projects, vocation, newly vitalized relationships?

My experience is that learning to really tap into the more subtle layers of our own being - breath, visualization, energetic awareness - enables us to spring forward actively in life, to indeed make things happen, be proactive and outspoken in our energy. Rather than becoming stuck, we are transforming our experience on all levels of our being by no longer butting heads against resistance at the level where it shows up.