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Jun 2011

Greetings yoga friends -

As I continue to strengthen following the climbing fall which injured me two months ago - gradually returning weight to my broken left heel, exploring spine movement as my fractured vertebra recovers - I am enjoying some new teachers.

Some of these are yoga instructors at local studios. I am taking this opportunity to deepen my community connections, taking beginner classes. And what a great way to be in beginner's mind: arrive on crutches, need help just to lay out the props, accept up front that I will not be able to attempt many of the poses, instead 'just' listen, visualize, absorb, and give thanks.

Then, at the therapy pool, another teacher showed up for me. With the helpful buoyancy of the water, I had been trying to do one legged balances on my recovering leg. So humbling. Ok, ok, that would be so frustrating! The slightest swish of water would topple me like a chain-sawed tree. I just couldn't find what would stabilize my leg - gritting my teeth, holding my breath, cursing, nothing seemed to help! How did I ever do this?

Then it occurred to me that I had a great potential teacher really close by. My right leg. (Duh!) 

Hey, righty, how do you do this???

I tried that uninjured side, and rediscovered that it was all about the ankle, the little push-pull adjustments of pronation-eversion that root down the big toe, lift the arch, press the outer edge to the floor. Taking this cue, I tried exaggerating such movements on the left to reawaken the mind-body connection - and then to one-legged balance again. So, it wasn't instant (and I haven't thrown away the crutches yet). But in a few sessions, it has dramatically improved.

What are you struggling with? And is there a teacher waiting patiently in the sidelines for you? Maybe closer than you realize?

Namaste - Eugene