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Jul 2013

Greetings yoga friends -

I am just finishing three blessed weeks of a cultural and linguistic 'vacances' in La Belle France. So what has been the most beautiful sight?

Alpen glow on Mont Blanc? Azur sparkling Mediterranean? Museums of Impressionist masters?

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Or maybe the sight in Aix en Provence last week - picture a muggy-hot market town, tree-lined avenues and statued fountains, bustling cobbled 
streets, outside tables of close packed diners under strung lights - where a part of the central square was set aside for couples dancing to jazzy slow tunes.

Alone in my travels, I watched on the perimeter for a while, mesmerized by the fifty couples with right hands clasped and the other firmly embracing their partner, guiding, discerning, easing, connecting. So many different ages, body types, skills (OK, so nobody was actually *bad*, they could all dance), clothed from chic dresses to comfortable shorts. And the men as engaged as the women, unhurriedly waiting for music between dances, nowhere they needed to be other than here, spinning for the pleasure of movement, holding for the pleasure of touch and scent.

Nothing professional, no competition, no focus on becoming better.

Just the place to be on a hot July night.

Does our coming together for yoga class have something of this quality? Or, at least, can it?

Yes, yes, I know, we do want to get more accomplished. Stronger, more flexible, better balanced. Blah, blah. All worthy.

And yet...maybe intimacy with our own body, a slow dance of awareness, is enough. Especially when shared in the community of our differences.

Vive la difference :-)

I return to teaching august 6th, and am so looking forward to reconnecting 
with you, my Portland community. As an invitation to community, please bring a friend for free to my classes at Mandala Studio all of August. And I will be putting photos and stories of my trip and insights out on facebook the next few weeks.


Eugene Lewins

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