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Dec 2015

Greetings dear yoga friends -

Sweet joy can turn up in the most unexpected moments.


I cracked open my favorite book of Haiku poems this week, and found two poems about snow on the same page. The first, hmmm, not sure I would choose it,  seemed so obscure. The second, one of my favorites...but was it almost too predictably genre? like a classic Christmas carol?

A mountain village
deep in snow. ..under the drifts
a sound of water


So, in the opening of class I announced -

"I have two haiku poems, and the first confuses the heck out of me"

and a yoga student right in front of me looked straight back and asked

"is that the first poem?"

and I couldn't help laughing with the delight of it. Yes, so nearly perfect -

I have two haiku
poems, and the first confuses
the heck out of me

So we decided that would indeed be our poem for the night. 

I was once accused of being amused by small things. I have since realized that as a result I am happy most of the time. May it be so for you and yours this winter solstice season.

Namaste - Eugene

p.s. before you ask (you were going to ask, right?) the original first poem -

This fall of new snow
that sags my hat is my own
and it's light as down


and now that I reread it, maybe that was the (zen) point - delight in such a small manifestation of the natural world