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Aug 2011

My wonderful primary physician, Dr Leslie Root, asked me if I was 100% back to normal after my accident.

I was in her office, standing on one foot (the previously broken one), and describing my rediscovery of the joys of road biking. Well, rehab has certainly gone well, but I also realized that I don't want to end up exactly where I started. After all, what then would have been the meaning of going through that traumatic experience, and of all the support I received from you, my community? 

Perhaps these are part of the 110% recovery - 

- Still accept help from my grown up daughter to hoist my bike up on to the tail-gate rack

- Still think the ride was a success even if I walked up the steepest hills

- If I can't do the yoga pose (and anyway, touching my toes was always hard!) still wonder what it teaches me about my body - as it is today

Indeed, a lot of things have changed, some poignant, but overall giving a rich sense of abundance and community.

Regular Yoga classes

 - Monday 5:45pm - Hawthorne Wellness Center - my existing class, popular for cross-training outdoor activities

 - Wednesday 6pm - OmBase in Hillsdale - a little more movement and vinyasa

 - starting Oct Thursday 10am - HeartSong in Beaverton - will be a great opportunity to begin yoga or reconnect with the fundamentals

 - but not the Sunday evening class - had to let something go, also part of the journey

Lodge Retreat first weekend of October - this will be my first event after spending September in the UK, leading an outing with the Mazamas. I would love to see you at the lodge, celebrating both my own recovery and your summer stories.

Namaste - Eugene