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April 2011-1

Dear Yoga Friends -

I wish I had some little upbeat nugget to share. Although I'm still anticipating the ending of this story is good. How to tell it?

* I took a long fall while climbing on Tuesday and have been injured. My core took quite a slam, and my left heel bone was broken.

* A mistake was made in setting up the rope belay using a device called a cinch, and I failed to do diligent safety checks of the whole system to catch it. Given that circumstance, my belayer, with whom I have trained extensively, blistered hands in clinging to the rope and doing her best to slow the fall and keep my head up.

* In 30 years of climbing, this is the first ground-fall incident I have been involved in. I am both dismayed at such an error, and relieved that the outcome was not worse.

* The surgery has been completed to repair my broken heel, and the surgeon is confident that it has excellent prognosis. Only the heel bone itself was broken, with no damage to the joint. He anticipates very good range of motion - after the no weight bearing 3 months and then recovery work.

Yoga - what's this got to do with yoga?

* Well, one aspect is covering my classes in the short-term. My angelic friend Sue Brantley heard through the grapevine, and immediately set about organizing teaching subs. Every class will go ahead, with a variety of teachers I admire and with whom I personally enjoy taking class. Thankyou!

* To the surprise of the ER docs at Emanuel, I have been scooting around the halls with a walker, using my core and the yogic bandhas more than the brace they supplied. Getting my hands on crutches this afternoon - be fun to add some stickers. And yes, I'm brushing my teeth in tree pose.

* I will be modifying my own practice during this non-weight bearing period. I believe that this will be an opportunity to enhance mind-body focus. I intend to do a yoga practice every day, sun salutations and everything, actively visualized rather than actual movement. Many western studies have recently shown that this stimulates the same neural receptors, and indeed can affect tissue tone. To this end, I will seek a weekly yoga class where I am able to do the same.

* As I recover, I intend to attend some of my Hawthorne Wellness Center classes, either as above, or as a voice-leading instructor with help from a student or sub model. Mid-may would be great!

Dear friends, you have supported me from my first steps as a yoga teacher, through the training as a massage therapist, and stepping beyond the corporate world to start my own business. I appreciate so much your support in each step I will be taking in the coming weeks and months.