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"Eugene Lewins is well versed in anatomy, yoga postures, and both Eastern and Western modalities. He has been teaching yoga since 1997, and is an avid outdoorsman who honors the natural cycles of life. He is a published writer, and carries his own personal story of how Yoga transformed a traumatic injury into a beautiful opportunity for rebirth. His warmth penetrates the hearts of his students, and his sincerity brings people together and builds community and connection." - Signa Cheney, owner Mandala Yoga Studio.

"It seems that it’s life itself that inspires Eugene! Also, nature, adventure, uncovering and discovering what is new. Eugene shares this passion with his students through the lens of yoga in his classes... this is what keeps them so 'alive', vibrant, inspiring, and compelling" - Todd Williamson, owner Ombase Yoga Studio

"My goal is to support you learn new skills, overcome injuries, and stay active over the long-term, especially in your outdoor activities. To do so, I teach yoga, provide therapeutic massage, and instruct rock climbing. Before I started practicing Yoga, I couldn't get close to touching my toes. Improving my flexibility has added inches to my stride, and developing mind/body connection has brought ease and more fun to my activities." - Eugene