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I grew up in the UK where I developed a passion for outdoor adventure on the slopes of the Welsh hills, and learned to climb.  And yet I felt that something was missing in my life.  I came to America thinking mostly that it was to explore bigger wilderness and higher mountains.


On that journey, I discovered the more important rewards of a rich community of friends in the Pacific Northwest. This included becoming an instructor in climbing for the local Mazamas Mountaineering organization.

The biggest reward in moving to America was finding my life partner.  I met my wife-to-be Sarah while we were both assistant leaders on a climb of Mt Hood, and we have shared many outdoor adventures.

But the biggest adventure has been raising our children and being part of extended family.  The challenge of becoming a parent forced me to look more deeply at life's meaning, and to seek personal growth to try to become the husband and father I want to be.  A big support on my journey has been my practice of yoga, providing both vitality and insight to turn obstacles into opportunities for greater personal happiness.

Realizing that I wanted to integrate my life around supporting active lifestyles amongst my family, friends and community, I started teaching Yoga and then went to East West College to study Massage Therapy.  As well as providing massage and teaching yoga, I continue to instruct rock climbing, and to pursue my own practice of yoga and outdoor activities to support wellness and provide me the vitality and joy that I want to share.