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Vibrant Body

The Subtle Anatomy of Yoga - $9.99     ** Purchase Here **

A workbook for students and teachers, Vibrant Body combines knowledge and inspiration to visualize body and spirit into wholeness.
Western physical anatomy and Eastern energetic imagery are integrated to form holistic maps of our being.. From dense and tangible, like bones and muscles, to subtle and esoteric, like chakras and bandhas. Transformation occurs when we discover that the esoteric can become tangible, and the physical become malleable.
Accompanied by key words, these nature-based images form both a reference and an inspiration to awake the vitality already within our being.

Introduction by the Author


Part 1 
The Five Sheaths of our being - Body, Breath, Mind, Emotions, Spirit

Part 2
Physical anatomy - bones, muscles, circulatory systems, landmarks of yoga
Subtle anatomy - Chakras, Energy Lines, Bandhas, Dosha constitutions

Part 3
Spiritual Tools of Practice - Consciousness, Eight Limbed Path of Patanjali, Sacred Sounds, Mudras

Retail Price $9.99     ** Purchase Here **