In my twenty years of practice I have studied, participated in training's, practiced with many gifted teachers and have had the grace of teaching many different people.I have the opportunity and space to practice yoga in my daily life. What I found to be most wise as teacher, is developing the ability to come into ones own direct awareness of now. This is yoga, being present to what is, developing trust in our innate ability to heal from within, in turn affecting those around us.Yoga allows the practitioner to come into the depth of the moment slowly bringing to light the fact that we are multi-dimensional beings.Yoga unveils truth, what is real or infinite versus unreal or impermanentWhen teaching I like to offer many different tools to students in body,mind and energy. As well as educating student about the modern and ancient ways of the science of yoga.Understanding that each student is unique and each teaching resonates differently for each individual. After reading and listening to many spiritual leaders I realize that I am drawn to practice & teach from classical and vedanta perspective which is Raja Yoga (mind), Bhakti Yoga (devotion), Karma (selfless service), Gyan Yoga (wisdom). Also understanding there is so much unknown so I remain open to all possibilitiesJayme is certified by the Yoga Pranayama Center of Toronto and by Joy of Yoga Studio in Montreal. Jayme specializes in Prenatal Yoga, Mom and Baby Yoga and Couples Birthing Workshops. She is a certified Infant Massage Instructor with the International Infant Massage Association and a certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher. Jayme has taught yoga to thousands of individuals, couples, mothers and their babies.She is the mother of two beautiful girls. She is currently becoming certified in Therapeutic Yoga. Jayme offers Mom & Baby Yoga Teacher Training's. Jayme practices energy work specifically Usui Reiki Level 1&2.  Jayme has a dedicated daily practice of meditation, chanting, breathing, posture, energy work as well as daily research in modern science and the healing process. Jayme is constantly listening to lectures from prominent spiritual masters from all over the world.
"In my personal practice I’ve scratch the mere surface of what it is to be conscious.  May I humbly continue my path so I can help others on their own."