Yoga is a way of developing consciousness. First by understanding ourselves through our physical nature, our mental habits and emotional states. To know and experience this planet earth as our main source of life that of which is connected to the rest of the universe. When we come into alignment with directly experiencing nature we come into balance or alignment of body, mind and spirit.




TEUSDAY & THURSDAY: 10:00AM - 12:00PM "YOGATHERAPY & REIKI" *please make an appointment*

 Yoga is a state of being. It is to relax around intensity in the body, fluctuation in the mind, and diversity in our environment."RELAXATION YOGA" will allow the student to experience and explore this state of presence through gentle posture, yoga of sound, mindfulness meditation,and breathing. This class is beneficial in relieving muscular tension, calming the nervous system and alleviating stress.


"MIND/BODY CONNECTION" : This Hatha/Raja yoga class is for those who are interested in a deeper understanding of themselves, through body and the contemplative aspect of yoga.Each week we will explore a specific theme based on body mind connection. We will also explore our interconnection with our environment. In class we will begin with meditation, followed by stretching, move into a posture flow, as well as strength and flexibility postures and finish with restoration and relaxation.

"THERAPEUTIC YOGA" Are private yoga sessions that can address specific physical, mental or emotional dis ease. Offering client better understanding of themselves on deeper levels, which helps one move towards clarity and healing. As the student you will become education on the bio mechanics of your body, understand how to encourage relaxation response versus stress response, boost your immunity, gain insight into the complex workings of the mind and heart therefore connecting to your fullest potential ! 




Reiki Treatments
Reiki works with energy as a way of bringing light or awareness to what is held in the sub conscious 
offering space and opportunity to heal past traumas

Theraputic Yoga