MONDAY : 8:00PM - 9:00PM "RELAXATION YOGA" *by registration"  

SATURDAY : 9:00AM - 10:00AM "THERAPEUTIC YOGA" *by appointment*

TUESDAY & THURSDAY: 10:00AM - 12:00PM "PRE & POSTNATAL REBALANCE" *by appointment*

TUESDAY & THURSDAY: 10:00AM - 12:00PM "REIKI TREATMENTS" *by appointment*


Yoga is a state of being.

It is to relax in and around the intensity in the body, fluctuation in the mind, and diversity in our environment.

"RELAXATION YOGA" will allow the student to experience and explore this state of presence through gentle posture, yoga of sound, mindfulness meditation,and breathing. This class is beneficial in relieving muscular tension, calming the nervous system and alleviating stress.


"REIKI TREATMENTS" works with energy as a way of bringing light or awareness to what is held in the sub conscious offering space and opportunity to heal past traumas. Sessions are done sitting or lying with clothes on. Practitioner initiated in the Usui Japanese Reiki tradition.

"THERAPEUTIC YOGA" Are private yoga sessions that can address specific physical, mental or emotional dis ease. Offering the client a better understanding of themselves on deeper levels, which helps one move towards clarity and healing. As the student you will develop a keen a awareness of the inner workings of the body,understand how to encourage the relaxation response, boost your immunity, gain insight into the intricate patterns of the mind and discover the freedom of the heart, connecting to your infinite potential ! 

 "PRE & POSTNATAL REBALANCE" is a specialized one on one yoga session for mothers to create and maintain balance before and after the birth. Addressing physical, mental and emotional issues.

Relaxation Yoga

Reiki Treatments
$801 hour


Therapeutic Yoga
$9090 minutes

Pre&Postnatal Rebalance
$9090 minutes