Namaskár to All.

Although yoga has since ages been a household word in India, and is fast becoming one in the rest of the world, but few understand the profound impact of regular, true yogic practice. Indeed, it is the practice of yoga which has the unique power to impart physical wellness, enhance mental concentration and imbue the life with bliss in the midst of busy and to large extent materialistic surroundings.

Yoga in its true sense is Ashtáunga (eight-limb) Yoga. The eight limbs being - Yama, Niyama, Ásana, Práńáyáma, Pratyáhára, Dhárańá, Dhyána and Samádhi. Yoga is commonly misunderstood only as ásana, i.e., its physical aspect alone. The other aspects dealing with the mental and spiritual are often ignored or misconstrued.

Let us explore together what yoga is in its true sense and how it is applied in our day-to-day lives. We'll cover sessions on yogásanas followed by practical guidance on the why and how of some of the fundamental practices including ásanas, yogic diet, and fasting.