Reflecting on everyday relationship life

Everyday through our daily relationships we create thoughts, these in turn effects the soul life. Have you noticed how we enter into relationships, engage with others and bring something in, we create something in how we relate. What we create lives on in the soul of ourselves and others. By paying attention to how we relate, either in the moment or reflecting back, we are able to guide ourselves in a more harmonious way outwardly into life.

Today there are there are many different writings, which either describe various exercises or can provide valuable food for thought as to how we conduct ourselves in our everyday lives, they give the opportunity to address our everyday way of being, and to become aware as to what conditions we bring into the soul life.

Below are a few suggestions for books and exercises.

Swami Sivananda many books available as PDF download from The Divine Life Society

some suggestions Thought Power.


Heinz Grill:  in booklet a titled Six Soul exercises we find 2 specific exercises described:

  •      Practical thinking
  •     Right judgement

Available from Lammers-Koll-Verlag  and  StephanWunderlich Publishing


Rudolf Steiner: How to Know Higher worlds – available as a PDF download


Byron Katie: Loving what is and The work (download)


Murdo McDonald Bayne: Divine Healing of mind and body.