Other exercises for the soul.

On a classical approach to the yoga path the yoga postures, the asana, are not the only exercises that are taken up for encouraging the healthy life of the soul.

On the ancient yoga path Patanjali laid down the 8 limbed system, in which 8 kinds of activities or exercises were practiced, for example breathing exercises, observance of the way a person conducts themselves in life, and meditation exercises.  Since the time of Patanjali other notable Yoga teachers, through out time, have suggested various exercises as daily nourishment for the soul. Today, from out of my own decisions as I go along a yoga path, I give attention to and practice various exercises that I think relate into my everyday life in a practical way. 

All of which are taken up with the fundamental idea, that all exercises for the soul need relationship to a spiritual thought, from out of which I can begin to orientate the soul in a more healthy order onto the physical body.  By paying attention to the inner experience that arises in relationship to true thoughts I’m able to become more aware of how I participate in the world across the realities of spirit, soul and body. In this way activities and exercises become like a thought building process that leads the soul to a more harmonious connection between spirit and body. They don’t lead me away from life but bring me into connection with everyday life, as if in a new way.

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1.   Asana – see links to pages on this website Practising Asana at Home or the Social significance of Asana practice

2.   Reading inspired versehow to approach the activity of reading.

3.   Observation exercises that lead towards a sense for meditation – this can be carried out in relationship to many areas or topics in life. For example, to plants and nature.

4.   Breathing  exercises – working to understand the difference between classical pranayama exercises and the new concept of ‘free breathing’ exercise as described by Heinz Grill.

5.   Reflecting on everyday relationship life – various exercises from different teachers as to how we conduct ourselves in life. 

6.   Nutrition – how nutrition supports healthy soul life.