What is Yoga for the Soul?

Yoga for the soul is an asana class, in which the relationship between the thought life and the physical body is addressed.

Today the thought life seems so pressured and distracted by the demands of our everyday lives, that we can loose the capacity to sensibly guide ourselves in our physical movements, and also in our everyday relationships.


By focusing on thoughts that connect to the true meaning of the Yoga poses, we become more conscious to the way in which we relate from out of ourselves to the physical body. In this sense we become our own guide, who takes up a more artistic shaping activity, for just as a sculpture brings an idea onto a form, so too a yoga practitioner can sculpt with their thought life to give lively expression to the physical body. The result of which is a more harmonious, rejuvenating, joyfully uplifting connection between the thought life and the physical body. 


This way of asana practice is inspired mainly by the philosophy of Heinz Grill, who in his book ‘The Soul Dimension of Yoga’, describes an approach that meets the need to work from the thought life onto the physical body rather than the route given from the ancient past, which moves from the body towards a state of mind. In this way, to him:


‘Yoga itself is much more a growing, conscious attitude of the soul.’ (Heinz Grill)


In classes, therefore, we aim to form a connecting bridge between a meaningful thought and the physical body, and develop a conscious attitude through the soul capacities of thinking, feeling and willing.


With our thinking we draw up an inner picture of the thought

•With our feeling we learn to sensitively sense the thought

•With our will we give space for the thought to act freely through the physical body.


After much repeated practice the asana expresses a lively movement, which shapes and forms the physical body into a more healthy tonus, as well as creating inner qualities that can enrich our way of relating in our everyday lives. For asana practice isn’t isolated nor closed off from life, but through it we become aware of profound connections that enable us to give into life in a joyful and meaningful way.  For example, with the asana called ‘the Tree’, we can develop an inner calmness out of which we can relate into daily life, as well as developing a stable uprightness through the spine.


Classes under the title Yoga for the Soul aim to encourage a soul life that creates a joyfully uplifting, harmonious way of asana practice.