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About Anubhav Yoga Divine Center "
"Be it any subject, a teacher should emphasize on inculcation of ethical values amongst students, while planning out a subject matter to be taught. ” - Anubhav Seth

At Anubhav Yoga Divine Center, We have a Dedicated team of 23 professionals which consists of Allopathic doctors, ayurvedic physician,Homeopathy Physician, Physiotherapists,Yoga therapist  and Diet Experts providing Health services, headed by Anubhav.

Anubhav Yoga Divine Center is a modern health care centre where the ancient science of yoga is combined with the modern science of the mind.

At Indian Institute of Yoga therapy and research we bring you the best of both worlds because your overall wellbeing matters to us above all else. Our goal is to bring about positive transformation by incorporating scientifically-approved practices that positively influence both the mind and the body, since the root cause of most of our problems are at a mental level. What makes us truly unique is that we adopt a holistic approach and work at physical, mental and emotional levels using yoga, workshops, healing techniques and many other ways.

We want to see fewer participants and give them full attention, give them positive results and thus ensuring that they get the highest quality of Yoga  practices and giving them purest of yoga techniques and there by they get maximum benefits.

At  Anubhav Yoga Divine Center, we believe that you deserve a healthy, happy and successful life and our goal is to bring wellness to the world. So we have gone great lengths to create a perfect ambience for you to experience life as it is meant to be. ‘Calm’ and ‘joyous’ are just two of the words that describe the transformation of your mind, and indeed of your very life, that you will enjoy!

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