About Yoga for Hope

It all began.....

HI!  I'm Beth Sukha-Barker (Sellars).  I miss Waterloo!
The first Yoga for Hope event was held in 2005 as a parting gift to my wonderful community of Waterloo, when I moved to Vancouver, BC.  I used to teach Yoga at HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre for many years.  The idea for this event was cooked up by myself and a participant of the Yoga classes at HopeSpring.   Unfortunately J.R. wasn't around to see the event actually happen.  In his memory, and for the community which I love, here it is!  I was the chair of the organizing team for this event for the first 6 years and then Barbara Waque took the reins!  I have always helped from a distance and returned to help out on event day.  However,  Barbara has grown this event and made innovations and connections which are truly remarkable.  
We were very happy to have a second event on the same day in Cambridge, Ontario, in 2009 and 2010 and it was headed up by Mike Chapman (Breathe into Motion Yoga) and Sheila Hollidge.  Both of these remarkable and generous people have been dedicated and loyal contributors to Yoga for Hope.  Then in 2012, 2013 and 2014, the event expanded to BC where I, myself, and some wonderful dedicated helpers, local instructors, Patricia Parsons and Jody Misak, ran the event in support of SOS Children's Villages in BC.  But I did miss being in Waterloo those 2 years!
Oh, and here's why you want to participate: 
Yoga is a path of spiritual growth and healing on all levels.  So as we practice, we heal ourselves and as we practice together we heal each other and as we practice with dedication to others we heal the world.  It's such a profoundly simple path.  Let's join together.  Practicing Yoga with a big like-minded group is a truly profound experience.  Don't miss it!
(the whole story of inspiration for Yoga for Hope): http://www.ourpinkthoughts.com/2011/09/beth-sukha-barker-yoga-for-hope.html )
How To Help
Participate yourself, sponsor a participant or donate directly to HopeSpring! To donate to HopeSpring please visit their donation page.  Remember, all of our lives have been touched by someone who has cancer.