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Years ago, I wrote about my vision for Yoga in my personal blog and later saw how the intention all came together....An excerpt from a personal journal/blog entry in 2009:
I see in my dreams a place where anyone can experience Yoga.  A place where people of all abilities feel valued, successful and able to practice Yoga.  
I see Yoga classes for those individuals in wheelchairs and Yoga classes for those that would like to experience being out of a chair and on a mat.  I see Yoga classes for people with developmental disabilities.  I see Yoga classes for people with Autism.
I see aromatherapy and focus on breath.
This is my vision.  I see it as clear as I see the clouds in the sky.
And now that I have said it, I see it happening.  I am putting this vision out into the Universe and I am embracing the opportunities that I know will come my way.
I see it.  I want it.  It will happen.