The teachers and staff of The Yoga Bar are all committed to helping you take steps forward along your path. We strive to assist, foster and nourish our students. Please let us know how we may help you expand your yoga practice.


Meet Rachel Roberts, yogini, writer, cruise director and guiding force.
Rachel initially found yoga in 1998 at the recommendation of a naturopathic doctor who suggested asana and pranayama as a way to control her worsening asthma. In 2008, Rachel left her home in the U.S. to travel the world through yoga, studying under great yogis throughout Europe and Asia. In 2009 Rachel continued her learning at Sri K. Patabbhi Jois’ Ashtanga Research Institute in Mysore, India and attended the Mandala teacher training in Bali with Shiva Rea. She has been blessed to count among her teachers Sharath Rangaswamy, Saraswathi Rangaswamy, Sandra Diadara Bianco, Katiza Satya, Marco Bianco, Rolf and Marci Naujokat, Paul Dallaghan and Neil Barker and she continues to expand her studies through workshops and advanced practice with teachers like Katy Appleton, Mark Whitwell, David Swenson, Doug Swenson, Tim Miller and Richard Rosen.

Roberts leads weekly classes in the Greater Cincinnati area as well as international workshops and retreats on yoga and meditation. Seeking ways to further spread her love of yoga, she used her creative backgrounds in both marketing and photojournalism on the website This End Up <>. The site chronicled her journey and the inspiring changes that occurred in her life; giving Rachel the chance to share the lessons she’s learned with a broad audience and to aid others along a similar path. In 2009 She started a line of yoga and mantra-inspired jewelry while living in Bali. In 2010 Rachel opened The Yoga Bar in the heart of downtown Cincinnati to create a yogi community center in her hometown. In October, 2010 she was gifted the title of ambassador for Lululemon Athletica <>. She founded Bija Yoga School in 2012 under the guidance and with the blessing of her primary teachers at Gaia Tree Yoga.  In 2013 she opened the second location of The Yoga Bar in Newport, Kentucky. She regularly leads workshops and international retreats, is the founder of the hugely successful Yoga on the Green series in Cincinnati and has been a featured teacher at Yoga conferences and festivals around the world.

Rachel was the winner of the Spring 2014 Bad Girls Ventures class and was awarded a $25,000 investment in the Yoga Bar studios as well as winning the Business First Grant from the Over the Rhine Chamber to faciliate the move of her original studio to the OTR area. Roberts is a Woman of the Year/Community Builder finalist for the WE Celebrate award gifted by The Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce.

The Yoga Bar OTR opens in January 2015.

Rachel is the founder of the The Yoga Bar studios, Bija Yoga School and Bija Retreats. She lives in gratitude for the opportunity to lead such a fulfilling, sustaining and expansive lifestyle.
She's pretty much always at The Bar.

Donna Covrett

Donna Covrett is one of our Master Teachers and the person to see if you are seeking greater understanding of the body, mind, and heart connection through posture, alignment, and energy. A student of yoga since 1974 and a teacher since 1997, her experience is deep—several years living in a kundalini yoga ashram as well as studying with many master teachers in a variety of yoga disciplines. In both public classes and private coaching, Donna’s focus is biomechanics through proper alignment, providing students with therapeutic tools of transformation to open energy channels, stabilize joints, strengthen support muscles, and bring the body back to an optimal blueprint of balance and ease.

In addition to her lighthearted and creative classes, Donna is a Thai Yoga therapist, a unique and ancient bodywork tradition that combines rhythmic massage, acupressure, and deep assisted stretches in a 90-minute session.

Donna takes the mindfulness of yoga into her life outside of the classroom through her work as an author, event producer, and community advocate. Oh yeah—and she makes one helluva pie.  

To make an appointment for Thai Yoga Massage or private yoga lesson, contact her at     


Kurt Matthys

Meet Kurt Matthys, Yogi, Husband, Father and IT Guru.  You may have heard of Kurt's class spoken of in hushed, reverent tones, voices full of awe and wonderment. Here's what you need to know about Kurt Matthys... 

1)  You would be very hard pressed to find a yogi that has a deeper knowledge o
f yoga philosophy than Kurt Matthys. The man has read approximately one bazillion different versions of The Bhagavad Gita. If you want to talk yoga philosophy, Kurt is THE MAN.  

2)  Having practiced for approximately 15 yrs, he is fluent in the Primary, Second and Third Series of Ashtanga Yoga. He can pop into Mayurasana (Peacock Pose) as if it is nothing. 
3)  He can rock a pair of anatomy yoga pants like no other man on the planet.
4)  If you are looking to get out of your comfort zone on your mat, to test your limits and expand your practice, to have your asana kicked every which way imaginable, if you survive, you will be rewarded with one of the sweetest, most blissfully spent savasanas that you have ever had the pleasure of taking. 

You can catch Kurt Saturday mornings at 10:10am at The Yoga Bar Cincinnati for Ashtanga/Vinyasa Adv. Beginner/Intermediate.
Just FYI, Class ends when Kurt says you are done.

Watch Kurt Here:

Andrea Kern

Meet Andrea Kern, Yogini, Wife, Mindfulness Advocate, Client Relations Rishi, and Luminous Being.  Andrea’s strong connection to the study of mindfulness is what ultimately led her to discover the magical world of yoga. While having physically practiced yoga for nearly 8 years, it wasn’t until recent years that all the puzzle pieces came together as the spiritual side of yoga took hold for her.  As those of us who practice yoga know so well, once this happened, everything else in Andrea’s life seemed to fall into place. For the first time in her life, she felt that she had found her place, her path, her dharma. Today, Andrea finds herself right where her life prepared her to be, right where she was meant to be at this moment all along- practicing and teaching yoga, and radiating her inner light onto others as she mindfully shares the gifts of yoga with other beautiful souls.  Andrea completed her RYT200 through the Bija Yoga School in 2013. She enjoys deepening her practice both physically and spiritually by attending workshops and retreats whenever the opportunitie arise. She enjoys traveling (has developed a particularly deep profound love for Bali) and aspires to lead international retreats some day.  Andrea is  the kind, wise soul who assists on Bija Yoga Retreats, answers all your email needs, and oversees our studios' Mind Body Online.


Lisa Snowden

Meet Lisa Snowden, Yogini, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, Reiki Practitioner and Wife.  Beginning her yoga practice in 2004, she found peace of mind, better posture and strength plus flexibility through Ashtanga yoga. Lisa developed a consistent practice on and off of her yoga mat and earned her 200 hours RYT with Marianne Wells Yoga School in Costa Rica in 2009.  Since then, Lisa has traveled throughout the Caribbean and Central America teaching yoga.  Lisa became an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist through The Himalayan Institute.  She is also a Reiki energy-healing practitioner incorporating knowledge from all facets of experience into her teaching style. Her classes focus on the breath and the lengthening of the spine through a dynamic series of movements and still postures to strengthen the body, and relax the mind.

Lisa is on maternity leave currently - look for her Ayurveda workshops in the spring and fall.


Sarah Crabtree

Meet Sarah Crabtree, Yogini, Runner, Social Media Sage and Proud Mother to twin sons.  As a Mother to two wild and wonderful little boys, she knows a thing or two, (OK, definitely TWO), about the challenges associated with finding/creating balance and holding peace in your heart in the midst of a little or a whole lot of chaos. If you are looking to really connect with your body and your breath and to learn how to 'let go' in order to find and maintain some calm in your life, Sarah is your girl.  She does our daily inspirational facebook posts, email blasts and writes the teacher bios - which means she is currently talking about herself in the third person, which isn't weird at all. Not at all.  Sarah completed her RYT200 through the Bija Yoga School in 2012.

With a penchant for talking about mindfulness, moving meditation and letting go of life's daily stresses, Sarah will help you find peace both on your mat and off.   

Lorie Yarro

Meet Lorie Yarro, Yogini, Wife, True Body Leader, Lululemon Wonder and Mother to one adorable Boston Terrier, Tux.  Lorie never imagined she would ever fall so deeply in love with yoga. Her mom always laughed about her constant need to be on the go from the first time she was placed in her walker as a baby. There were many dents in the walls to prove her constant speed and motion! In her adult life, however, the need to find a healthy way to slow down as well as cope with life’s stresses finally brought her to yoga. She has been smitten since her first class. Lorie found that yoga allowed her to see her body in a whole new light. She now feels empowered by what her body can do and how calm her mind can become each time she comes to her mat. Lorie completed her RYT200 through the Bija Yoga School in 2012.


With her signature wit (read sarcasm), Lorie will make you laugh on your mat, when you might otherwise feel like crying, as she guides you right into BLISS.


Adam Stonebraker

Meet Adam Stonebraker, Yogi, Bartender (at The Crazy Fox Saloon in Newport), Zenmaker and all around great human being.  Adam first came to yoga through a meditation class in college. A spiritual seeker from a very young age, the connection of breath, conscious movement and spiritual awareness that yoga brought him became the ideal expression of the ebb and flow of the universe and our place within it.  After a life-threatening bicycle accident, Adam decided to pursue his Yoga teaching certification. Adam completed his RYT200 through the Bija Yoga School in 2012.

 With a background in Buddhist meditation, Adam's classes are filled with a constant reminder to use your breath to remain in the present moment, the place where life truly exists. 


Angel Overbey

Meet Angel Overbey, Yogini, Wife, Runner, Lululemon Superwoman and Bettie Paige-esque Pin Up Girl.  Angel first found yoga in the comfort of her living room almost 10 years ago. Upon becoming familiar with the poses, she finally ventured out into the public for her first yoga class. She was immediately hooked and signed up for a 6 week beginner course. Traveling from class to class, she eventually turned her friends and family into “yoga guinea pigs” and was leading classes whenever she could.  Angel completed her first 200 hour training program in 2009 at Yoga ah! in Northside.  After teaching for almost 3 years, Angel’s desire to learn more for her students and to better her practice, led her to the Bija Yoga School.  Angel completed her first RYT200 course through YogaAh in Cincinnati, Ohio and her second RYT200 through the Bija Yoga School in 2013.

 With a focus on the breath and bandhas, Angel’s classes are light-hearted and she strives to create a space that is welcoming to everyone.  



Hilary Douglas

Meet Hilary Douglas, Yogini, Massage Therapist and all around beautiful soul.  Like many of us, Hilary found yoga when she was in need of emotional and physical healing - little did she know how much of an impact it would have on her. The mental and physical transformation she experienced was such an incredible journey for her that she felt compelled to share it and enrolled in teacher training through the Bija Yoga School.  Along with her love for sharing the practice of yoga, Hilary has been a massage therapist for many years. Her knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics helps her craft alignment-focused asana classes unique to her specific and beautiful voice. Hilary completed her RYT200 through the Bija Yoga School in 2013.

In her own words…"I am blessed to have two career paths that allow me to help others heal, and experience mental and physical compassion for their bodies on a daily basis."


Wesleigh Todd

Meet Wesleigh Todd, Blissful Yogini, Adventurer, Hair Stylist, Peace seeker and extreme lover of life! With Wesleigh's happy nature, her biggest goal is to bring joy to everyone who crosses her path. This adventurous soul loves to travel and spread light and love wherever she goes, which is why in her heart she felt so deeply compelled to instruct Yoga. She has  constantly been learning from many different yogis throughout her journey, and recently just returned from instructing on the beautiful Peace Retreat in the tropics of Costa Rica. Wesleigh also completed her RYT200 through Bija Yoga School. Her classes have a very tranquil atmosphere and are geared toward creating self awareness and helping students find the true light, which shines within us all. If you come to one of her classes you are guaranteed to feel lighter and more at peace...especially after her mind blowing Savasana scalp massage


Sherry Ford

Meet Sherry Ford, Yogini, Mother, Civic Minded Citizen and Co-Founder of Write-On Handwriting. Sherry flirted with yoga many times in her life, but she fell madly in love when she discovered the Ashtanga Yoga System. The set sequence gave her structure and discipline in her daily practice and continues to allow her to observe the changes that come. With the strong encouragement of her teacher Rachel she entered the 2013 Bija Yoga School Teacher Training and discovered that sharing the practice brings her as much joy as her personal time on her mat does. Sherry is not only passionate about yoga, but also about learning.  She and her sister founded Write-On Handwriting and recently released a learning app to help kids learn cursive. Sherry completed her RYT200 through the Bija Yoga School in 2013.

With her attention to alignment, her faithfulness to the tradition, and her spiritual insights, she will lead you straight to PEACE on your mat.

Randy Evans

Meet  Randy Evans, Yogi, Music Enthusiast, Nature Lover/Photographer, Working Man, Poi Spinner, and all around Gentle Soul.  Randy first found yoga several years ago after searching for an activity to keep him going during the cold winter months when he wasn’t able to bike.  What started off as a couple-times-a-week practice quickly evolved into something that was entirely essential to him reclaiming a sense of balance in his life.  Introduced by a good friend to Rachel and The Yoga Bar, he quickly fell in love with the studio, teachers, and community – everything just felt right for once.  Wanting to share his love for the practice, Randy enrolled in and graduated from The Bija Yoga School with his RYT – 200HR certification.  Throughout his training, he started to explore his practice beyond the physical asanas, rediscovering a sense of spirituality that had evolved from different forms throughout his life.  In Randy’s own words, "Coming to my mat and sharing my practice with others helps me to express my devotion for the inner divine sense that dwells within each of us. I feel so deeply in love with the practice, and want to share it with others in the hopes of them cultivating their own love for it.”

Randy’s classes are geared towards students looking to move beyond the physical asanas, exploring the other limbs of what constitutes yoga; those interested in gaining a deeper sense of how to integrate the practice fully into their life.  With a focus on mindfulness, remaining present through the breath, and realizing our true inner nature/self-realization you will be sure to find peace and freedom on your mat with Randy.  


Ashley Molloy

Meet Ashley Molloy, Yogini, True Body Project Leader, wife to famous local Chef, Joel Molloy, and all around Beautiful Soul.  Ashley always knew she wanted to teach.  Ashley discovered yoga in college where she studied early childhood development. Her passion for teaching led her to private childcare; which opened a door to attend yoga teacher training at The Yoga Bar, where she received her RYT 200HR Certification.  Through her training, Ashley found her niche: “I practice yoga to be my best self, and feel my best self when I practice. I want to share that with others.” In addition to teaching at The Yoga Bar, Ashley teaches yoga to students at Newport City Schools and to adults at Reds corporate classes.  Her classes inspire students to find a place of calm, to be present and to let go, through yoga. As a True Body Leader in several Cincinnati schools, Ashley teaches the mind and body connection to young women and girls. When Ashley is not wearing her teaching hat, you may find her running, reading or cooking.
Meredith Wasson

Meet Meredith Wasson, Yogini, Adventurer, Southern Girl, and Radiant Light.  Meredith first discovered yoga through her local gym as a relaxing method of stretching sore muscles. Not one to sit still, her class visits became infrequent until she discovered the Ashtanga Yoga system, which challenged her practice to become a moving meditation. Still in disbelief of yoga’s transformative qualities, recovery from an injury brought her back to her mat and the desire to practice this sacred medicine became undeniable. Through the growth of her practice in yoga and meditation, she developed not only a much deeper connection with the practice but a more meaningful relationship with herself as well. This turning point inspired her to seek out a yoga community to encourage her growth through the Bija Yoga School. Meredith received her RYT-200 and is continuously seeking opportunities to share and expand her knowledge of yoga, through her teachers, books, and workshops; inspire others, through growth, acceptance, and positivity; and deepen her svadhyaya-- study of the Self.  

Kate Hensley

Meet Kate Hensley, an Earth Loving Yogini, Wife, Bookworm, Event Planner, and Culinary Creator. Kate’s passions in life have always involved surrounding herself with people and serving others. It was a natural fit when yoga first came into her life, Her early classes were seva classes from a friend, in a park, followed by dinner and conversation. Through years of more formal practice and training the deep roots of the practice took hold and guided her on a beautiful path of self-discovery and genuine self-love. The primary intention of the practice - to seek inner peace and self realization, and for all beings to obtain happiness and freedom- resonated with and flooded into her daily practice and world. To quote one of the world’s better known gurus, Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the Change you want to see happen”, she only hopes to obtain this place of rich authenticity. Through her personal journey and her formal training at Bija Yoga School, she has come to understand the value of creating and holding space and granting others the freedom to turn inwards in a loving and light-hearted space. Metta, love & light.  


Those friendly faces you see each day behind the bar... they are the life blood of our Shalas. Our Karmi Yogis gift their time and energy to the studios as their Seva practice (selfless service). We can always use more help, let us know if you are interested in checking in for classes in exchange for free yoga!

It's fun, much appreciated, and the best time you'll ever have tending bar. For inquiries please email 


The Yoga Bar's official greeter and half-smile meditation Guru. Findlay reminds students to not take things too seriously and that no matter how heavy life gets, a good belly rub can bring everything back into perspective.

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