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  • FogScreen® Technology
  • Autostereoscopic 3D Displays
  • Transparent Displays
  • Video Wall Solutions
  • Gesture Control Interactive Technology

About Us

     YOCOMA offers a range of innovative cutting-edge immersive and interactive solutions: FogScreen® technology, 3D autostereoscopic and holographic displays that do not require glasses or other viewing aids. We provide impressive Video Wall solutions and transparent displays to attract customers to your exhibition, nightclub, storefront or tradeshow booth.

    In addition to innovative screening solutions, YOCOMA is a music and multimedia production company providing innovative special 2D and 3D content, original art, music, sound design, CGI, visual effects, animations and art-installations specially designed to integrate into an interior and emotional mood.

    We work closely with our manufacturing partners to provide the highest level of up-to-date solutions, information and consultations.


    YOCOMA solutions will attract customers of all kinds! We believe in the deep power of immersive art experience.

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