Yoav Shechtman
yoavsh at bm.technion.ac.il

I am currently an assistant professor in the department of Biomedical Engineering at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Previously (2013-2016) I was a postdoc in W.E. Moerner's lab at Stanford University. Before that (2008-2013) I did my PhD in Moti Segev's group, co-advised by Yonina Eldar, at the Technion, Israel, where I also obtained a BSc in Electrical Engineering and in Physics (in 2007).

My work deals with localization microscopy, with application to single-particle-tracking and super-resolution imaging.  My primary interest is in developing novel methods for nanoscale precision optical microscopy, that can be applied to answer biological questions in the micro/nano realm.

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