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Haifa Sea-scouts        צופי ים  חיפה        1960-1965

Ein Gedi   עין גדי

Whaleboat   ליויתנית


I spent most of my high-school weekends at the club ("Hut"; initially at the Western edge of the Haifa Harbor, a small shallow beach area entered through the "Bat-Galim" harbor gate, and later at the Kishon Marina, immediately after it was built circa 1961-2) and sailing. Besides other fun this was my "hands-on lab" in Physics (mechanics, hydrodynamics, aerodynamics and elasticity...). We have spent substantial time on (wood; a lot of work...) boat and gear maintenance. Rowing and sailing races were an important part of the game. I have been sailing instructor to younger groups since 1963. I have volunteered continuing instructing there also after graduating high-school and starting my academic studies until 1968.

420 Class

Summer courses took place in a tent camp on the beach of the Acre Maritime Officers School בית הספר לקציני ים עכו. Course commanders and instructors were reserve Navy IDF people on duty.



 David Na'im  דוד נעים, "Chuy  חוּי" (mistakenly using this nickname in his presence resulted in a painful "ringing" slap...) on a Flying Dutchman class boat. Was our sailing guru and boat enhancement, maintenance and repair man. Also was an instructor at the Acre Maritime Officers School  בית הספר לקציני ים עכו. In 1962, under his guidance, I built from scratch a canvas-on-wood-skeleton kayak, which gradually was fractured by colleagues' utilization, and at the end, several years later, collapsed and crashed around me in shore breakers of a winter storm. "Catching shore waves" was our old version of surfing... After several rolls underwater and hitting the hard sandy bottom I luckily emerged from the wreckage unharmed.

Gideon Shmuely  גדעון שמואלי, "Chonale צ'ונַלֶה,"  Director of the Haifa Sea Scouts since my days there. An author, writer, and an expert in marinas and many other subjects. Also the manager of the Akko  עַכּו (Acre) marina. Looks and sounds the same as 50 years ago...


The new generations


Catalina 27 Class

Sonar Class




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