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Some more publications, selected also from other domains:

  • Yoav Raz: "The Dynamic Two Phase Commitment (D2PC) Protocol", In Database Theory - ICDT'95, Proc. of 5th International Conference on Database Theory, Prague, Czech Republic, January 11-13, 1995. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 893, Springer, pp. 162-176, 1995 (Also DEC-TR 871, Digital Equipment Corporation, 1993 (PDF) ). This article is proving D2PC time optimality. D2PC was standardize by the ISO-IEC/OSI/DTP&CCR groups in a project on commit optimizations in which I participated as US head of delegation.
  • David Reider, Eliezer Kantorowitz, Yoav Raz: "Specification of Management Information Systems, Combining Data Modeling and Structured Analysis", In the Proc of the 4th Israel Conf. on Comp. Sys. and Soft. Eng (IEEE & ILA), June 1989, IEEE-CS, New York, pp. 34-44. (Graduate student M.Sc. project)
  • Alon Itai, Yoav Raz: "The Number of Buffers Required for Sequential Processing of a Disk File" (PDF). Commun. ACM 31(11): 1338-1342 (1988)
  • Eran Gery and Yoav Raz: "Evaluating Linear-Recursive Logic Queries against Cyclic Relations", CS Dept., Technion, Haifa, TR #427, July 1986. (Graduate student M.Sc. project)
  • Yoav Raz: "Interactive L Systems with a Fast Local Growth"Discrete Applied Mathematics 22, pp. 163-179, Elsevier, 1989 (also, TR #307, CS Dept., Technion, Haifa, December 1983 (PDF); previous version appeared as TR 80-CS-039, EECS Dept., UCSD, 1980; some results without proofs appeared in "IL Systems with bounded Interactions", Bulletin of EATCS 4, pp. 13-19, 1978)
  • Yoav Raz: "Linear Programming Problems with Bounded Variables and a Single Constraint - Solution and Algorithm" (PDF), CS Dept., Technion, Haifa, TR #304, December 1983. (Efficient optimization over the intersection of a hyper-plane with an open hyper-box in many thousands dimensions (known methods have been impractical); I found this solution 1-2 years earlier for a microcomputer-based (with Z80, a "huge" 64K memory, and flexible floppy disk) Construction-projects-bidding SW-package, developed at Sitav Ltd ., and primarily used by Solel-Boneh. סולל בונה, the largest construction firm in Israel at that time.  After writing this paper and submitting for publication, I was notified that a similar result already had been published a few months before my submission... Please email me if you have the reference)
  • Yoav Raz: "Multidimensional L systems", D.Sc thesis in Computer Science, Technion, 1979. (Advisor: Azaria Paz: "I prefer natural stupidity over artificial intelligence.")
  • Isaac Bussel and Yoav Raz: "CMIS - Capital Management Information System for Concerns", The Bulletin of ILA, Vol.4, #8, pp. 179-183, 1977. (ILA best paper award; a database system to support large, complex, and flexible objects (large structural variation within each type; e.g., ships and subsidiaries) with special retrieval requirements, developed at Sitav Ltd.  for the Maritime Fruit Carriers Company , החברה הימית להובלת פרי,  (on IBM 370/115 at their headquarters in Haifa); existing commercial database systems at that time have been found inappropriate. The Concern have included in the database information about its subsidiaries world wide (several hundreds), and its oil tankers (several hundreds, with joint ownerships of subsidiaries, under various flags), including the biggest in the world, and much more. Unfortunately the enterprise collapsed due to the oil crisis in the 70ies. Tankers anchored idle with minimum crew in Norway's fjords. The main users of CMIS and its completed database were Price Waterhouse of New York, who took the enterprise apart)
  • Leah Gal-Or, Yoav Raz, and Joseph Yahalom: "Mathematical Characterization of Corrosion Currents in Local Electrolytic Cells" (PDF), J. Electrochemical Soc., 120(5), pp. 598-603, 1973. (I found closed solutions expressed as converging infinite series with Bessel functions, that allowed to compute them at any desired accuracy)
  • Yoav Raz: "Finite Differences Methods for Nonlinear Dynamics of Shells", M.Sc. thesis in Computer Science, Technion, 1973. (Advisor: Yair Tene; following techniques of Peter D. Lax for shock-waves in hyperbolic partial differential equations to solve an explosion near a cylindrical shell, using a nonlinear elasticity shell theory. Also FORMAC was used to handle mathematical expressions resulting from the tensoric equations, tens of dense pages (no spaces) long. Since it required very large memory, It ran for weeks every day, from midnight, for an hour each time, using overlays and other tricks. It ran on the entire IBM 370/168 (no other jobs running), one of the biggest commercial computers at that time, that had... 1 MB memory! The original equations have never been evaluated to the end, to start running the numerical solution. It can be done easily on today's PCs)
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