Towards a long term solution of the Israel Palestinian conflict

Towards a long term solution of the Israel Palestinian conflict

Yoav Raz

11 November 2012

The Idea is included in the following article:

Geographical separation and Palestinian state – A first priority for a Democratic and Jewish State of Israel

More detail about the process:

Unilateral steps to be taken by Israel even before starting negotiations with the Palestinians:

1. Drawing temporary borders for an autonomous Palestinian entity which includes most of the West Bank area and
excludes the large Jewish blocks.

2. Evacuating all the (small scattered) Jewish settlements from the Palestinian autonomy.

3. Leaving strong IDF bases in the autonomy. Purpose: to protect Israel, with intervention only upon hostile attacks against
Israel that are not prevented by the Palestinian police (to avoid a situation like with the hostile Gaza strip).

4. Helping the autonomy to prosper, and proposing Peace negotiations for conditions to establish a Palestinian state
from the autonomy.

The main purpose is stopping additional Jewish settlement which makes a solution less feasible and leads Israel to destruction. The proposal opens a way for normalization in the relationship and Peace, and for establishing an independent Palestinian state in the future.

During the proposed process the Israeli occupation continues, but without settlers' provocation and without their (negative) interaction with the Palestinians.
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