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The trouble with our times is that the future is no longer what it used to be.   Paul Valéry (1871-1945)


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A stealth photograph taken with a tele by Hanan Ophir (1970s)

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    Article:   Geographical separation and Palestinian state – A first priority for a Democratic and Jewish State of Israel  -  October 2011

    Summary:    Towards a long term solution of the Israel Palestinian conflict  -  November 2012


       Yoav Raz - Resume

      Publications (with some background; including patents)

Special projects 

         Full-Adder Model (1964)

         ERROL - Entity Relationship Role Oriented Language

                    ERROL - Language overview

                    RRA - Reshaped Relational Algebra

         Epoxy shower-head for die attach  (die (chip) bonding)

         Commitment ordering   (including The Principle of CO - Full Technical Report, 1995 last version) 

                   Theory of Commitment ordering - Summary

                   History of Commitment ordering

Other fun

          Matter - Elementary particles and Fields


          Math puzzles - Some solutions submitted to IBM's Ponder this  and more

          Sailing - Old and newer photographs 

                  Sailing boat speed Vs. wind speed - The sailboat transform

          Database technology

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