Planning for our Annual VPDPAWS Gala is underway!

If you would like to help out in any way, please email us. Looking for creative and energetic souls.

Online registration will be coming up shortly!

Elections for 2015/2016 term Executive Committee
Please send your nominations for promising candidates!
Positions are:
Vice President
Public Relations

Y Nha Dược Association of Washington State Annual Scholarship 2015
Deadline: January 25, 2015
Three $500 scholarship prizes
Eligibility: Vietnamese-American students in undergraduate studies in Washington state with interest in pursuing professional schools of Medicine, Dentistry, or Pharmacy

If you're seeking mentorship or clinical experiences, contact us. We have a network of providers willing to help and guide you with your goals.

Please donate to our annual Student Scholarship Fund 

Welcome to our new members!

Valerie Tran, PharmD

Anh Truong, MD

Canh Pham, PharmD

Frances Nghiem, PharmD

Thai Tran, PharmD

Vu Le, MD

Dzon Nguyen, DDS

Rochelle Nguyen,DMD

Thanh Nguyen, RPh

Joe Tran, PharmD candidate

Yvonne Bui, PharmD

Allan K Doan, DPM

Ha Hoang, PharmD

Khanh Tran, MD

Dat Lu, DC

Phung Le, MD

Tina Le, PharmD