Welcome to Yonsei Mixed-Signal IC Laboratory

In our lab, we do research on various analog integrated circuits in CMOS technology. This includes data converters, amplifiers, and precision analog circuits especially for smart sensors. We build up hardware in the form of Integrated circuits and also develop fundamental design techniques to realize portable and energy efficient systems. Our ongoing research includes high resolution ADCs, Imagers, Touch ICs, and Biosensors. 

Latest News

   [2018 Apr] Prof. Chae received the Best Young Professor Award in Engineering from Yonsei Unisersity. 
   [2018 Apr] Sangkuk's work on Parasitic Insensitive Capacitive Force Sensor is accepted in IEEE TBioCAS.
   [2018 Apr]
 Sangkuk's work on Force Sensor for Cardiovascular Surgery  is accepted in EMBC.
   [2018 Mar]
 Changwook's work on Low power CTDSM is accepted in Symposium on VLSI Circuits.
   [2018 Feb] Prof. Chae is nominated as a Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society.
   [2018 Feb]
 Changwook Lee won the Bronze Prize of Samsung HumanTech Thesis Award.
   [2018 Jan]
 Sungsik Park and Yunhong Kim joined for MS Study. 
   [2017 Dec]
 Prof. Chae received the Haedong Young Engineer Award from IEEK. 
   [2017 Oct] The paper of Woojun and Yongtae on Temperature Sensor is accepted in ISSCC 2018
   [2017 Sep] Our work on SPAD is accepted in Microelectronics Reliability
   [2017 Aug] Hyunseok Hwang's work on Touch IC is accepted in IEEE JSSC
   [2017 Aug] Hyunseok Hwang is selected as an Outstanding Student Fellow from EE Dept. 
   [2017 Aug]
Myungjin Han's work on Compact MEA is accepted in IEEE BioCAS. 
   [2017 July] The work on Graphene Touch is published in ACS nano
   [2017 July]
Hye-Yeon Lee received Global Ph.D Fellowship from NRF. 
   [2017 July] Hyunho Han and Youmin Kim joined for PhD Study. 
   [2017 June]
 MoonHyung Jang's work on Audio CTDSM is presented in Symp on VLSI Circuits
   [2017 May]
 Chanmin Park's work on Ultra low-noise Imager is presented in IISW
   [2017 May] Hyunseok Hwang's work on On-Glass Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor is presented in SID Symp
   [2017 April] "Samsung Research Funding Center [삼성미래기술육성센터]" on Activity-Driven ASP is granted.
   [2017 Mar]
 Prof. Chae won the Best Patent Award from the SK Hynix. 
   [2017 Mar] Prof. Chae joined the Technical Program Committee of ISSCC
   [2017 Feb] Prof. Chae received the Best Research Award from Yonsei University.
   [2017 Feb]
 Hyunseok Hwang won the ISSCC 2017 Silkroad Award
   [2017 Feb] Hyunseok Hwang's work on Capacitive Touch IC was presented in ISSCC
   [2017 Feb]
 Woojun Choi and Taewoong Kim's work on C-PHY Transceiver was presented in ISSCC
   [2017 Jan] Prof. Chae is promoted to an Associate Professor.