Young Mountain Runners Trail Pages

 Here sits a growing list of trails for training and enjoyment. These have not been rated for difficulty and conditions vary greatly; like any outback adventure, these trails can be dangerous. Travel at your own risk; plan ahead, carry plenty of water, watch for snakes and other critters, tell a friend where you're going (phone coverage varies), and trail conditions and access are subject to change. Please be courteous and enjoy the wonderful Nevada outback. Have fun, don't die. 

The Early List, below, is mostly in and around Virginia City and Dayton, Nevada. So far, each trail starts and ends at it's point of origin.  Out-and-Back (OB) trails depart and return on roughly the same route, with slight variations along the way. Loops take more irregular paths before returning to their origin. We will soon be adding downloadable kml (Google Earth) and gpx (Garmin and other devices) files for use. Remember, trail and weather conditions may change abruptly and outback running requires good health, determination, awareness, and orienteering skill; trail running will also help improve each of these noble traits.

Chocolate Factory OB: 5.7 miles (+420 ft gain)

Chocolate Factory Hill Loop: 8.2 miles (+730 ft gain)

Emma Quarry OB: 5.5 miles (+550 ft gain)

Gold Hill Office Loop: 3.3 miles (+439 ft gain)

Iron Mountain Loop: 10.8 miles (+401 ft gain)

Ophir Loop: 5.4 miles (+860 ft gain)

Sun Mountain Loop: 9.3 miles (+2,000 ft gain)

Each trail description is followed by some stats, including the current FKT (fastest known time). Of course, around VC the FKTs are mostly mine but I'm sure the High School cross-country team has hit the same trails and they are within reach of anyone who laces 'em up around town. We'll search for other FKTs and/or course records as we develop pages away from the local hills. Feel free to comment on any trail page or at the Trail Option or Run to the Hills blogs.

A View from Sun Mountain